Silver and Bold

I used to think the only way I would be able to leave my home en femme was if I passed. Knowing I would never pass (not that there is such a thing) I thought if I blended in I would be ready to brave the world.

I see blending as a… hm, survival method, and it was in this perspective that gave me the courage to enter the real world.

My sense of fashion, however, does not lend well to blending and I have just embraced it. Certain colors, patterns, and prints just scream LOOK AT ME. Of course, being as tall as I am AND being trans I am going to be noticed so I may as well wear what I want.

Sparkly, silver dresses do not help a girl blend in. It requires an insane amount of confidence and hubris and the ability to shut out the stares to wear a dress like that in public. And that’s what I did at last month’s photo shoot.

This was for a project a friend of mine is putting together and I’ll share more details as they become available. For now, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Love, Hannah

13 thoughts on “Silver and Bold

    1. Lovely- It seems that you could pass in most situations-even in that lovely dress. Wear it with pride-you look exquisite and ready to have a cocktail at an event!


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  1. you always look so feminine. but certainly in this pictures.
    i hope to be confident as you one day. but with my height ( 6 feet 2 inch). it will be not easy.
    by the way , i do enjoy reading your daily mails.
    best regards
    Kathleen De Mayer

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  2. I hear you. I seldom have opportunity to go out en femme, but when I do I no longer try to hide my height (not nearly so tall as you but still taller than most bio women) or my musculature. Unexpectedly, too (and I’m curious whether you’ve had or heard of others who’ve had this experience), Alana is significantly less socially restrained than I am. Not pushy, not flamboyant, but bouncier, as it were. Were one to compare Alana and I side-by-side, it would be clear which of us (as the kids say these days) gives less of a fuck. She, by a wide margin.


    1. Russian proverb “repetition is the mother of knowledge”. I overheard this in a toilet after using it properly and fixing my face at a mall, with 3 Russian girls making reference to the older woman, [me], giving me a surprising lift. If I’d spoken, they’d have thought otherwise.


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