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I live in Casper Wyoming and am trying to find a good gender therapist. I am currently seeing a psychologist that said she handled gender issues, but I really get the feeling she is just guessing at how to handle things.
If I look on the internet, there are several people who claim to be gender counselors, but how do I find a GOOD one. One that really knows the transgender community, and not just someone who is checking a block on their resume.
Is there any help you can offer, or direction you can point me in? 

I’ve been to several therapists throughout my life but never one specifically for my gender identity.  However, choosing who to work with, regardless of why you are seeing a therapist, should be based on how you feel when speaking with them.  If you click, great.  If they don’t seem knowledgeable about what you want to talk about, then they are probably not the right fit for you.  It sounds to me that you know this psychologist is not the person that is best qualified for what you are looking for.I am afraid I can’t offer much advice on finding a gender therapist.  But we are a community!  🙂  Anyone reading this have any suggestions??  Please comment below.

Love, Hannah

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  2. I wish I had good advice but I would check with the local Trans support groups who may have a line on some good therapist in your area. May be a place to start


  3. This is a tough one, because Wyoming is a huge state with a low population. The selection if therapists is likely very limited in the asker’s area. They might be the only therapist in the area.

    You could look for therapists that will do virtual meetings. This could give you a bigger pool of therapists to choose from.


  4. I don’t have a specific individual to recommend, but I just will note that many therapists are solely doing virtual (Zoom or the like) meetings these days, so your choices of a therapist are not limited to your location.

    Do a Google search for Transgender hot lines (or the like) and you can contact them (like Trans Lifeline) via their 800 numbers, and perhaps they can provide you a list of therapists who specialize in gender issues.


  5. You might want to start here:

    You can filter by state, city in state, and many factors of the therapist. It won’t necessarily find your specific good therapist, but it should give you a list of good options to check into. As has been noted, how you and your therapist interact is a huge part of getting what you need.

    If you don’t find anything in the link above, try an internet search for something like “LGBT therapist WY”. Or “USA”, as indeed almost everyone is online now, and I suspect many are going to keep that as an option into the future. Just keep in mind that the therapists may have limits on where they can practice, and your insurance might have limits on who you can see, especially out of state folks. It may not give you a trans specific list, but there seems to be a lot of cross-over and support within the various parts of LGBT therapy that they work together when they need something. At least the good ones do.

    My best wishes to you. I know how much of a difference finding the right therapist can make.


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