All Glammed Up and No Place to Go

This year a million plans went out the window and for the most part I remained optimistic. It wasn’t easy. I still made plans and I knew there was always a likely chance they would be canceled or postponed.

I like looking forward to things and events and like every year I was excited about the MN T-Girls Holiday Party. As soon as the weather starts to turn colder I start looking for my dress. Most of the time it’s sparkly.

I was pretty sure the party would not happen this year and sure enough our outings are on hold for a bit. But I was optimistic that it would happen despite being pretty sure it wouldn’t. I was so optimistic that I still bought my dress.

I didn’t get to wear it for a holiday party this year but I did get to wear it for last month’s photo shoot. I hope you like it.

Love, Hannah

12 thoughts on “All Glammed Up and No Place to Go

  1. My dearest Hannah, your always beyond beauty with the upmost perfect sex appeal! Love your new dress, I would be proud to be seen with YOU in it or any other outfits you LOVE to wear!! Have a wonderful Christmas, I wish I was your NEW YEAR EVES ESCORT!! BEST WISHES ALWAYS. CD BILLIE


  2. I know what you mean, Hannah. I had picked out a Magenta lace party dress with a scoop neckline, ribbon sash and full skirt for the party back in September. Even then I knew you would try to make the party happen but that ultimately it would be canceled due to the pandemic. Attending the Holiday parties in ‘18 and ‘19 were dreams come true for me. The dress will still be hanging in my closet for next December, and I can keep dreaming of how to accessorize my outfit and how my makeup will look til then.


  3. I really missed not having the holiday party this year. Oh, well, better safe than sick! I am looking forward to a vaccine and to the 2021 party!


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