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I’ve been crossdressing for most of my life and am happily in the closet, but now I’m adventuring into the cyber world as Alicia.
I decided about 5 months ago that I wanted to experience far more the experience of trying to dress and behave as a woman. it’s been a strong fantasy for me over the years. I have invested in some beautiful clothes, shoes and wigs so that I can dress and pass time in my home ~ I live by myself.

I’m thinking about taking some hormones in order to increase my hips and booty. Just a little so that I can rely less on padding in order to get the curves I desire. I found one cream that says it will increase booty and hip mass, but warned that the results were irreversible. To me such a cream sounds a bit like some kind of snake oil!!
What do you think? Have you heard of such ‘miracle’ products?


I don’t mean to burst your bubble (or booty) but I think all of that stuff is a scam and potentially dangerous.

I wouldn’t take or use anything without the consultation of a doctor.

You do bring up a few points worth considering.  For starters, anything we do for “her” will also impact our male lives.  Whether taking hormones or shaving your legs, it will change “his” body as well.  Keep that in mind.  Very, very, very few people comment on my shaved legs and arms and my femme eyebrows but it does happen.  I understand not wanting to rely on padding, but you may change your mind if you invest in a pair of quality thigh/hip pads and forms.  

You mention that you wanted to start experiencing new things about five months ago.  I want to be gentle here but you may be lost in the fog.  It’s easy to do and it’s pretty common as you start a new part of our journey.  You may be moving too fast and you may start making decisions without thinking things through.  I understand the enthusiasm (believe me) but you might want to slow down.  

Also, you may want to reflect on what all of this means to you.  You said this is a fantasy.  We all have fantasies about this side of us, I mean I want to be a princess lol, but is this a fantasy or your gender identity?

One more thought, there is no such thing as “behaving as a woman”.  Women, cis or trans, do not need to behave, speak, dress, or… anything in any specific way.  Once you realize this your life will be soooo much better because you will realize that there’s no such thing as passing.  And I don’t think you mean it this way, but we can’t have expectations or standards as to how a woman behaves.  Women can do and wear and say whatever they want and men need to know that.

WOW!  I really sound bitchy and judgy here.  I don’t mean to dull your sparkle at all.  We all need to think things through and take responsibility for our gender identity.  

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Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. “I wouldn’t take or use anything without the consultation of a doctor” – I might have put that in bold upper case. Lots of good advice in this post (as usual).


  2. Yes, always consult a doctor before taking anything – even over-the -counter “remedies”. I had to laugh at the use of the term “snake oil,” though, cuz what part of a snake’s body could be seen as curvy? 🙂


  3. Once again Hannah, I see you as an advocate for good mental and spiritual hygiene. This advice , in particular, is important for those of us, a large number, who I perceive are aware that we are neither fish nor fowl, but perhaps fish with beaks or wings, or desire to have and use them, or fowl with gills or alternative methods of oxygenation than just lungs. We are free to set our own standards, and be our own persons as long as we also honor responsibility to ourselves and loved ones, something I’ve seen you paraphrase. Good for you. leri


  4. I can so much relate to this questioner’s desires to be as feminine as possible, and I certainly agree that hormones should not be “played” with. The thing that strikes me most about this inquiry is the living alone and being in the closet. So many of us are isolated and that isolation can contribute to an unrealistic and over-fantasized (and sexualized) view of femininity. I don’t say that in a judging way, more that when we are able to share our feminine selves, I suspect that the interaction with others helps temper our reality. Nancy


  5. I can’t think of a time that I’ve heard anyone in transition mention using any type of cream for hip/butt enhancement. A little might happen with the HRT itself, but, at least now, the “hot topic” is fat redistribution surgery. Basically moving abdominal fat to other areas. I hear it can work to a certain degree, but it is never covered by insurance, and is fairly spendy.

    As for the creams, etc. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” definitely applies.


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