Feeling Blue and Beautiful

I just love this dress. Just absolutely adore it. It fits perfectly, it’s flattering, and just shows off my curve. It’s flirty and and it’s…it’s just fun to wear.

I had hoped to wear it on a day out shopping but of course so many plans were kicked aside this year, but I promise as soon it’s safer and more fun to go out again this will be the first dress I wear.

The dress is from En Femme and yes, I know I sound like a shill for hyping a dress from a designer I work for, but I work for them for a reason and dresses like this one are a major reason.

Even though I haven’t worn this to a mall yet, I did wear it for last month’s photo shoot.
I hope you like it!

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Feeling Blue and Beautiful

  1. Style,tapering,and tailored so well. Enjoyed the short hem for the shapely legs you have. The bustline emphasis is realistic to your size, and such a pretty woman.


  2. You look fabulous! Love swing dresses. Have a couple in the closet… if I could ever lose 25-30 pounds. That’s ever going to happen… I’ve thought “if I could just lose 25-30 pounds” for about 25-30 years at this point (sigh)…

    Where did you find the shoes (they look they might be a bit harsh on the feet). I just bought a pair of pumps thinking they would be easy on the feet. Five or six hours of shopping my feet were feeling it… I could almost think women’s shoes are universally designed to torture


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