Fishnets and Fetish

I usually never repeat outfits when I do photo shoots but I felt that this deserved another round of pictures.

This is as spicy and fetishy as I get. This side of me is not a fetish but god it’s fun to wear outfits like this sometimes. And is there anything more alluring than fishnets?

I hope you like this look! It’s not my typical style but I feel powerful, desired, and confident dressed like this.

Love, Hannah

9 thoughts on “Fishnets and Fetish

  1. Hannah,
    I know what you mean. There is nothing wrong with just having fun with a look. For Halloween this year I bought a sexy Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Not about sex or fetish, just a fun look to play with. Like Cyndi Lauper sang, “Girls, we just wanna have fun.” Keep having fun girl.

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  2. Wow indeed these are wonderful photos of you. i know you are happily married but these pics and knowing your height make me want to kneel in front of you and serve you. Thank you for sharing


  3. This is the real you, the way you talk and feel about it is your true calling, It’s wonderful to be prissy but this is who you really are, wish you were my MISTRESS!!!!!😀😀 CD BILLIE

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  4. That first photo brings to mind many years ago, when I lived out East. I took a bus/subway between my workplace in midtown Manhattan to where I lived in New Jersey. From time to time a woman boarded the bus, wearing heavy makeup, a short skirt, and carrying a whip. If she did not like the way somebody looked at her, she would snarl and hiss at them. (Other than the whip, you do not look like her.)

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  5. Such a great outfit Hannah, you pull it off so nicely and look quite sexy as well.
    I love to find fun stuff to wear as well sometimes a girl just has to have fun

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  6. not my style thanks. I like clothes, loose and comfortable with pockets, and I’m neither in to ether cruelty, or inequality, for people or animals. I want my clothes, even makeup, to project acceptance, kindness, and inner as well as outer beauty. I’d have thought that whips would have disappeared with the abolition of slavery, even and especially for animals. Definitely a disappointment to see this. I may be in the wrong department here.


  7. I am a long time follower (on all of your sites), but have never reached out to you or posted before now. I love this look as, frankly, it goes to part of the reason I dress in the first place — to acknowledge that part of me (which is sometimes more needy than other times) that is drawn to the female persona within OR maybe just wants a different look! Thanks for sharing and showing we are all not the same — and that is alright.

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