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Whenever I wear hold ups they keep falling down do you know why ?

-I love nylons! I don’t wear thigh highs(they don’t stay up), I don’t wear pantyhose(too much fussing). I’m a stockings and garter belt girl who ALWAYS wears a midi length dress(no minis, and absolutely no maxis).
Nylons complete/enhance your look.
My question is, what is it with the GGs not wearing hosiery anymore? I do not get it.

I received these two emails a few days apart and since they are about the same subject I thought I’d chat about them both in one post.  

If your thigh highs aren’t quite staying high enough it’s likely because of two reasons.  
Firstly, thigh highs are more effective when you have a shaved leg.  The adhesive will simply stick to leg hair as opposed to skin so make sure your legs are smoooooth and sexy.

Secondly it could be because the stocking itself is of poor quality.  A few months ago I was in a pinch and I had to settle for a pair of thigh highs from Walmart and I spent most of the evening pulling them up.  The elastic became stretched and the adhesive just didn’t work. 

So, what’s a girl to do?  Of course, you could always wear pantyhose or tights.  A garter belt is also a sexy option but sometimes we need to be practical instead of alluring (not that they are exclusive of one another).  Many girls I know swear by Hold Up Body Adhesive.  It’s a versatile roll-on body adhesive that is used to secure your forms, pads, and clothing.  It can be used for wigs, straps, and stockings.  You can find this at The Breast Form Store.

I love nylons, stockings, tights…  and I agree that they complete and flatter someone’s look.  I almost always wear nude stockings as they help with smoothing and balancing out my skin color.

As for why cis-women don’t wear hosiery we need to be careful to not generalize any girl in such a way.  

I love love love wearing stockings but if I had to wear them every day…  well the appeal would fade really quickly for me.  It takes a lot of work to get dolled up and I don’t always have time to look how I look, especially if I “had” to do it more often.  And stockings are expensive.  I go through more nylons than you would think and a decent pair can cost up to $20.  Getting a snag in them as I get dressed makes for a very expensive mistake.

Girls like us have a unique and special relationship with clothes.  We tend to wear clothes because of how they make us feel as opposed to wearing them for a practical reason.  A lot of people with breasts look forward to taking off their bra after a long day.  Not because they don’t like wearing something cute, but because their bra is being worn for a practical reason whereas I’m wearing a bra because I think the bra itself is sexy and undressing is how I stay connected to my femme side.

When I first lived on my own I was thrilled at the idea of wearing beautiful lingerie to bed each night.  Stockings, garter belt….  but after a while the appeal wore off.  Not that I didn’t like lingerie, but it was just a lot of work if I had a long day.  It was so much easier to slip on a nightgown or a cami and a pair of panties.  

Once crossdressing feels like a chore (so to speak) it loses a lot of its appeal.  I never wanted to wear lingerie (or anything) because I COULD.  I wear what I want (for the most part) because I want to.  I love being able to choose between leggings and a ball gown.  

Being bi-gender is going back and forth between “I wish I could dress up every day” and “I’m glad I don’t have to do this every day”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love love love being en femme.  I love spending ten minutes on my foundation, choosing an outfit and everything that goes with it, but it’s a lot of work (and always worth it) but sometimes I’m lazy lol.

I worked with a girl many years ago who loved men with facial hair.  She wondered why more men didn’t have more creative beads.  She said if she was a guy she’d do something different with her facial hair whenever she could.  When I heard her say this I thought of how annoying it is to shave and how I hate that I have facial hair.  But it’s an example of how we can often think that something someone “can” do is amazing when in reality it isn’t as fun as we think it is.  

I think many people expect women to have long hair, have their nails done, wear dresses….  and yes, when I am en femme this is how I dress.  But I dress this because I WANT to dress this way.  I would feel differently if I wore something because it was expected of me.  Do I like wearing a tie to work?  No.  Do I wear one because “men are supposed to”?  Yes.  And that sucks.   

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Love, Hannah

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8 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I got sick of snagging my hosiery so I stared buying Sheertex. Yes, they are expensive, but if you catch them on sale, you can get them fairly reasonably. The ultra sheers look great and they hold up. I have eat them all the time and I have yet to rip a pair.


    1. Thumbs up to the Sheertex. I totally agree, quality is the key. And that goes for everything from stockings to heels to foundation. Another awesome source is Swedish Stockings, a sustainable company whose products look good and last.


    2. Id like to second this. Sheertex are a bit pricey but they are super flattering and amazingly strong. I would recommend all of us girls give them a try.


    1. I can usually figure out what autocorrect was supposed to say, but I got to admit, this one had me baffled! Thanks for the clarification.


  2. If you are serious about hating autocorrect, you can get rid of it. On an iPad, go to Settings…General…Keyboard…Autocorrectand then flip the switch off. On other computers, google “turn off autocorrect” and follow the link for your machine to the appropriate set of instructions.


  3. Fab article Hannah, but I squealed a heartfelt ‘ouch!’ when I read your “what is it with the GGs not wearing hosiery anymore? I do not get it” question. I am a GG/CIS woman (or whatever we’re called this week) who wears stockings precisely because I am expected not to! I work in the lingerie industry so, naturally, I resent being told by my industry what I should or should not wear underneath and I wish more women would take a leaf out of the Trans community’s book and just say “I’ll wear what I bloody well like if it pleases me!”. I studied fashion history at university, specifically mid-century lingerie trends and decided at that point that if I was going to start making out I was an expert in nylon stockings then I should start wearing them regularly. And so I did. I quickly learned that the secret of wearing stockings comfortably was all in the preparation – buying the right size stockings, knowing my thigh measurements, knowing what ‘fully fashioned’ really means, getting my suzzie (garter) belt right, and – most of all – learning the dressing tricks grandma knew. I even wrote a long article on the subject, lol. Have fun, and more power to you and your blog 🙂 Emms

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