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I’ve noticed in your photos that you wear a variety of earrings with your gorgeous outfits. I would like to start adding jewelry and accessories to my wardrobe to include earrings and necklaces. Unfortunately, I don’t have my ears pierced and I’m stuck looking for fashionable clip on earrings so I was wondering if you have your ears pierced? What are some options or shops for those that don’t have pierced ears? And what do you think are great options for other accessories (necklaces, bracelets, rings)?

HI!  No, I don’t have pierced ears.  I find a lot of clip on earrings at En Femme, Glamour Boutique, The Breast Form Store, and Amazon.  If you have an Icing in your local mall you can find some cute clip-ons there as well.

And yes, I think necklaces, bracelets, and rings are perfect accessories…  depending on the outfit.  I tend to go with either silver or gold necklaces and then match my bracelets to that.  A lot of girls wear watches and I think that’s a lovely accessory.  Chokers are another fun and flirty option, and they don’t always have to be as kinky as what I usually wear, lol.  

Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I like the feel of dangly earrings against my neck. Mine are also clip-ons, from Target. Not easy to find, not always there, but from time to time I find them.


  2. Another option is to trim off the posts and use a tiny amount of cyanoacrylic (crazy glue) to attach the earing to your earlobe.
    Quite effective and reliable…


  3. I had purchased these, at Amazon, and used them for a while. But then for Christmas, my daughter bought me a gift card for piercing my ears. I wear small studs in my ears when I’m in male presentation, and no one has ever said a thing to me. Granted, I live in Portland, so kind of liberal.

    They worked OK, but heavier danglies had a tendency to pull the earrings off.

    Aldo check out funky antique shops. I have some really pretty dangle earrings that are clip on. They were very inexpensive because most people looking at earrings are looking for pierced.



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