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I wondered if you had ever traveled on a plane en femme? If so how was the experience? I am both terrified and thrilled in equal measure about the idea of sitting down next to a random person for six or seven hours dressed as a lady and seeing how I react. I guess what worries me most is the obvious question of whether I’d get hauled out of the line at security. I am in the UK where attitudes are OK but I still don’t know what they’d do if the scanner picks up a bra wire and breastforms as well as my male tackle. I’m not sure I’ve the courage to risk having down to go down to my bra and pants in a side room to prove I’m not concealing drugs in my breast forms or in some sort of disguise. Any help or experiences much appreciated!

I have yet to fly pretty but it is definitely one of my goals. I had hoped to do that this year but it’s not looking likely. Once masks are no longer necessary then I will start planning a trip.

On a positive note, flying pretty, from what my friends tell me, is actually a lot less stressful and problematic than what we are afraid it will be. The TSA is also well trained for girls like us:

TSA recognizes the concerns that some members of the transgender community may have with certain security screening procedures at the nation’s security checkpoints. TSA is committed to ensuring all travelers are treated with respect and courtesy. Screening is conducted without regard to a person’s race, color, sex, gender identity, national origin, religion or disability.

Have fun and safe travels!

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Love, Hannah

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11 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I have never travelled on a plane in full femme but just partially. I wore panties and pantyhose with slacks and some makeup. It was so thrilling and for me it felt so wonderful. I have always wanted to wear a dress and go out full femme but I would only do it with another person I wish it was you.Showing lots of leg in a dress wearing pantyhose and looking beautiful would be my dream come true. I would not worry about security as together we could support one another.As for other people on the plane we would never see them again so who cares what they think. I would give an extra wiggle when I walked and cross my legs and give them a little feminine show.It would be so exciting going full femme on a flight and for a holiday. That would be my dream come true. Love Stephanie.


  2. I have flown en femme a few times and everyone has always been very professional. Breast forms are not a problem, but if you wear a steel boned corset, you’ll light up the metal detector and will get extra attention, so pass on that as I know from experience 😄

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  3. I flew en fem once, I too was concerned about my forms but no issues
    Nobody blinked an eye
    And then I did an entire 7 day cruise in total girl mode.
    It was amazing

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  4. 9/11 spoiled a lot of freedom for all of us. I’m so happy to hear about success being what and who you feel that you truly are. I’ve personally never tried it; after 9/11 I’ve had nothing but hassles about a puffy knee [natural], a military can opener on a chain I’d had since Vietnam, [not a weapon at 1/2 inch], and plenty of other hassles. I’ve told the sobs I’m too old and too tired to put up with infringements like this, offered to immediately disrobe 100% to stop their dumbass inquiries instead of politely asking questions about my trip, which is more than not, going to see my mother or to fish with my brother. And easily verifiable by calling either. I call relaxed APPROPRIATE questions “the Israeli approach” as I’ve experienced it. Don’t go en femme in most of the former USSR, YOU ARE LIKELY TO BE BEATEN UP AND/OR ARRESTED. 2 things about terrorists, they can’t take or make jokes, especially in anything but their primary languages, AND IN THE CASE OF 9/11 MOSTLY SAUDIS, 15/19 HAD COMPLETELY SHAVED BODIES for whatever reason, another reason for you ladies to think this through. That’s enough. Good luck/bon voyage, swing your skirts. BTW, NEVER PUT ON NAIL POLISH ON A PLANE! CIS GIRLS DO THIS OFTEN ENOUGH TO NOTICE; ACETONE IS TOXIC TO BREATHE and it’s disrespectful. Lipstick is fine. . LERRISA


  5. I had an interesting TSA incident a month ago. When I originally went through the screener they had selected female but the machine gave a warning because of parts between my legs. So the had me go back through as a male then it gave a warning because of my breasts (I have been on hormones for some time). The TSA agent was a bit flustered said he would get a female agent to pat me down. She checked my top and let me go on my way.

    In an odd way I found it humorous and validating that they originally thought I was female.

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    1. Jodi, I’m planning to fly later this year, vaccine willing. If you would be willing to share,how tightly were you tucked? I’m wondering if it will pick up something if it’s all flat. I suppose so, since the purpose of the scanners are to find any anomalies, but I’m still curious.

      In other items, I understand that the TSA just want your ID to match your ticket, and they aren’t worried that you don’t “match” the license. They are getting to be friendlier skies.

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      1. Hi Evelyn

        Yes i was tucked with the testicle up in the cavity but I was only wearing a normal pair of panties so they have slipped out a bit. I also was not wearing a bra, since I am naturally about a C cup, it is noticeable. It isn’t the first the TSA has patted down my chest.

        I wasn’t made up at all. I was wearing a women’s hoodie, jeans and tennis shoes. They easily pass as men’s clothes though.

        With the Covid restrictions I have let my hair grow out a bit and is now a short bob. With a mask on I have been ma’am’d a number of times.

        The agent checking the ID made me pull down my mask without an issue.

        I have TSA precheck so I dont usually need to go through the scanner. This time I was randomly selected for additional screening. Nobody was rude or anything but young guy was a bit nervous. Kind of cute actually.

        I hope this helps.



      2. Jodi,

        Thank you. It sounds like we tuck in about the same manner, so the scanner will likely catch me down there. I’ll be wearing a bra, and breast forms. I don’t fly enough to have TSA precheck or anything. I’ll just add a bit more time ahead of the flights and plan to have a bit of extra attention.



  6. TSA Pre will not help you. It is a ripoff, theft pure and simple. I paid my money for it a few years ago. After two times getting it, things reverted to the way they were before, getting it at about the same frequency. I asked a TSA supervisor, who confirmed that the advertising is generally a lie. No one gets a free pass at TSA Pre. If you want to fly pretty, put on your big girl panties go through the main TSA line. There are plenty of rules to protect you from harassment by the TSA if you are a T passenger. Read them on their website. No TSA supervisor wants the trouble that harassing T passengers will bring down on him/her. As for flying as an old white guy, they seem to be fair game for the TSA in my experience. It makes me wonder sometimes whether I should fly pretty just to avoid harassment, not to increase the risk getting of getting harassed.


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