Ask Hannah!

Have you done a blog post (or a couple) that describe how your wife and you first started down the trans path together? I know you told her early on. I’m interested in how she was at first, how you’ve grown together with this, and how she helps and related to you today. My wife knows I underdress (several drawers full) and has been great, but I’m leery of pushing too hard and causing an issue.

Oh, and on a lighter note, who sells the cutest floral panties now? 🙂

I think all I have to say (and it’s a LOT lol) on our relationship (and relationships in general) can be read here.

As for panties, I am in love with a pair from En Femme at the moment. I don’t normally like boyshort styles but their Satin Floral Hot Pant is cute and comfortable!

Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I love floral pattern panties, and am always on the lookout for them. My vote for best selection would be Jockey No Visible Panty Line (and the feel of the microfiber fabric is great, too). I’d be interested in suggestions from other gals…


  2. Hannah-
    Thank you so much, dear!
    I appreciated that article, and the links from it. I’d seen some other posts of yours touching on the subject, but wanted to ask as well. ❤️ I’m lucky in that things are going pretty well on this front here.

    And, those are adorable panties!! Satin too! Oh my. While I rarely to boyshorts myself, I think I’ll make an exception!!🌸🌸

    Hug, Sara


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