Ask Hannah!

How do you get started?  What costs are involved?

Well, what do you want?

Crossdressing and presenting en femme means something different for every transperson in the world.  And although not all of us identify as trans, I use the term in the context of anyone who wears, well, anything that is not typically associated with the gender they were assigned at birth.  A boy wearing eyeliner, a guy wearing panties under his suit, a drag queen strutting on stage, and someone like myself.  

This little guide I wrote should help you get started, whether you are looking for guidance when it comes to shaving your legs, learning makeup, finding your measurements, and shopping.  

As for cost, this side of me is EXPENSIVE.  I don’t have a curvy shape, but I do when I wear my corset and thigh pads and breast forms.  No one needs to have an hourglass figure (or to fake one) to be femme, but the shapewear and forms helps me look the way I want when I am en femme.

Makeup isn’t cheap, my makeup lesson wasn’t cheap, the heels I strut in aren’t cheap, my gaffs aren’t cheap, my wig isn’t cheap.  It costs a LOT for me to be en femme.  Of course, this is not to say that you need to spend a lot on a wig or anything else, but I have found that (for the most part) you get what you pay for.  A wig that uses real human hair (whether it is 100% human hair or a 50/50 blend with synthetic hair) is a lot more expensive than other options out there, but the quality difference is huge.  I can buy a bottle of Covergirl foundation for ten dollars but it won’t do what I need my foundation to do.  I need my Dermablend to work as a base for color correcting which usually costs around forty dollars.  I can pay a makeup artist for a makeover which will always, always look better than if I do my own face.  Crossdressing takes time, money, and patience.  That’s my reality.

Love, Hannah

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