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I was wondering what I could use to give me some hip shape. I know there are lots of things online to buy but is there something I could use and make them myself? 

I’m sorry, I won’t be too helpful here. I am not sure how you could make your own.  I know I say it a lot, but crossdressing takes time, money, and patience.  I feel that this side of me requires investing, whether it is time or money.  My corset, thigh pads and hip pads aren’t cheap, but they are absolutely an investment.  They give me the shape I want and the quality is A-MAZ-ING.  My pads stay on, they stay in place, they move with me.  I don’t even feel them when I wear them.  I can’t imagine there’s anything that someone could make themselves and still have even a fraction of the quality that my thigh pads have.  

But since we’re talking about it, I am much more likely to spend money on clothes than, well, accessories, if you will.  It’s much more fun to buy dresses than jewelry or foundation.  I would much rather buy a couple cute outfits, but makeup and necklaces are also essential.  A new dress might be more fun to wear than thigh pads, but no matter how the dress is designed, a dress can’t give me the figure I want, my thigh pads do that for me, and they’ll likely do that for you.

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. If you are looking for “probably adequate, but cheap”, and you have some skills and equipment (namely a hot wire foam cutter), you can do something. Fabric stores sell foam rubber slabs which you can cut to shape. (A scissors does not work well, hence the hot wire cutter). But be aware that figuring out the proper shape can be a challenge, and then cutting the slab to that shape is another challenge. By the time you get to Rev 3 (which it may take to get it right), it is probably better to spend the $ for a professional form. Unless you are a DYI nut job. Like me.


  2. Hannah is right it does take some money if you want to get that more shapely look.
    My advice would be how often and how long will you be out an about en fem.
    If it’s only the occasional outing then maybe it’s not best to invest in something so pricey but if you will use them say more than 2 or 3 times in a month or so yes investing in such accessories might be best.
    Me personally I don’t use a lot of extra stuff except breast forms I figure I’m just me and I’m ok with that


  3. A quick google will bring up a wide range of foam and silicon hip and butt enhancers. Bear in mind that, like with anything else, you pretty much get what you pay for.

    I paid very good money for silicon hip pads and would rank them among the items that most contribute towards attaining the shape nature didn’t give me.


  4. Over the years I have made a number of hip pads as I decided which shape I wanted. The “problem” with commercial pads is that for those of us with wide shoulders, I believe the hips should come out at least to the middle of the arms so as to proportionally de-emphasize your shoulders. So, for better or worse, I need a bit more side to side hip than many. Being able to customize it is a great benefit. You can get foam at Joann’s Fabric. I sew a “sock” around them so that the foam is not touching my skin. I have most recently use dress lining fabric. If you can use a sewing machine, great. Otherwise, a needle and thread work also. In order to make it more convenient when needing to use the restroom, to get dressed, put on panty hose, etc, I have sewn them into a foundation garment – preferably one with an crotch that allows one to pee. In this way, when in the stall, a nosy neighbor won’t see your pads. The foundation garment also smooths the foam out for a natural look. Some tutorials suggest multiple pairs of pantyhose but that has to be a sweaty nightmare for much of the year.

    There are a number of tutorials on YouTube. I just looked at the one below and the method of creating a pattern is new to me but it looks pretty good.

    Good luck!
    PS. When I went to Joann’s last week, the clerk commented me on my dress and how it showed off my curves!


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