Ask Hannah!

I’d love advice on how to further explore going out into the world en femme.

Leaving one’s home en femme for the first time is one of the most significant things you will ever do in your life.  It’s not something you will ever forget.  It does get easier over time, however.  

Like most aspects when it comes to gender identity and gender presentation going out en femme is a series of baby steps.  The first time I went out was at night and I went to an LGBTQ+ bar.  The bar hosts drag nights and a girl like me is a pretty common patron there.  No one batted a false eyelash at me.  I went to the same bar a couple of times before I was ready to go out during the day and to frequent a place that wasn’t specifically for the LGBTQ+ community.  I had a beautiful dress that needed altering so I made an appointment with a seamstress at her shop and went to several fittings before the dress was finished.  It was an amazing experience and my confidence and comfort grew and continued to do so.

I have written a lot about going out whether it is about what to have in your purse, going out if you live in a small community
, as well as not letting the fake concept of passing holding you back from strutting out en femme.  Just stay safe and have fun!

Love, Hannah

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3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Everyone remembers their first step out the door and into the real world, that combination of excitement and fear. What we sometimes forget is the need that generates the excitement and overcomes the fears. Once you make that first step and with each that follows, you will feel a freedom, maybe even the sense that you have finally escaped confinement.

    Be smart and be safe, and the experience will be worth repeating!


  2. It’s the little things that you haven’t thought about, that happens to you on your first time out dressed en femme. For instance
    Feeling the breeze blowing under your skirt or dress was something that I hadn’t expected
    Hearing your heels clicking on the pavement as I was walking is another thing that I hadn’t anticipated.
    Feeling the breeze blowing your hair if the wind blows unexpectedly is another thing that made me feel feminine
    Also the anxiety of being out in public and not knowing exactly what to expect, but like Hannah said
    It get easier to do, the more you do it
    Stay safe girls and always be aware of your surroundings


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