Ask Hannah!

Hi Hannah, I was wondering if you have ever gone to a crossdresser conference? If so what did you think?


No, I haven’t.  Years ago before I was ready to leave my house en femme I used to dream about going to such an event.  The thought of being able to… exist with others like me, where no one would look at me funny, or point, or laugh seemed like heaven to me.  As time passed going to an event like this seemed to lose its appeal.  What originally attracted me to attending a crossdresser convention or a transgender conference was having the freedom to present en femme in the real world.  Staying in a hotel, getting coffee, having lunch…  But I eventually started to venture out into the real world and… well, I didn’t feel I NEEDED to go to such a conference if I wanted to do something en femme.  

BUT!  Lately the idea of going to a conference sounds like it would be a fun opportunity again.  It is back on my “to-do” list and I’ve been meaning to look into going to one but it looks like I will be waiting a little longer (well, I hope it’s just a LITTLE longer) until it’s safer to travel.  I think when I go to one it will be when we can fly without masks because I’d want to fly pretty.  The WHOLE experience, you know?  I love the idea of leaving my home en femme, not bringing any boy clothes, waking up each day and getting ready, and spending the whole time as Hannah.  How amazing would that be??  And yes, we can fly pretty in a sparkly pink mask but wearing masks en femme isn’t really fun.  I know it’s shallow but they smudge my makeup. 🙂  Besides, like most events a lot of gatherings like these have been postponed.

I’m sure a few girls reading this have been to a conference/convention and I know everyone here (myself included!) would love to hear about your experiences, so please share your thoughts in the comments if you could!

Love, Hannah

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6 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Hi Hannah,
    If you do want to attend a conference, now is a good time; the Keystone Conference in Harrisburg, PA, is upcoming in March. I plan to attend, and it would be my first, also.


  2. Hannah,
    I’ve been to the Esprit Conference ( 2010-2019 and it’s now like a reunion of good friends for me. The whole town of Port Angeles (WA) becomes very welcoming for that week, and I’ve made some friends in town too.
    They’re planning to do the first Esprit since the pandemic this year, with a vaccine and mask requirement. I’m looking forward to it (despite having to wear a mask over makeup, earrings, glasses, and a wig).


  3. “go west” young lady, to paraphrase Horace Greeley. Washington state, WEST SIDE, IS, to say the least LTGBQ friendly. I’ve had excellent assistance in shopping here for the last half century, en femme and not. Everywhere FROM Walmart to Nordstroms. lingerie, dresses, shoes, makeup, drug and department store both levels, ands finally , lots of nice compliments from time to time, and serious girl talk. Oregon is almost as good, again west side only. I like the respectful neutrality I’ve found here, most of my adult life. Once was nearly extruded from the gay faction at a special discounted Seattle Opera event; they thought 2 cis women were taking unfair advantage of their prerogatives. Amazing what a green chiffon dress and well applied makeup can do for a girl. Deepest male voice persuaded them we qualified, minor kerfuffle. eVEN NICE GAY MEN CAn be a little envious of a beautiful female.


  4. I only started with my feminine side since one year.i have been twice now to a local t girl gathering for a drink and a chat. It went so well. It was the first time i really talked to strangers en Femme. I specially picked out a place that was one hour driving from home, to diminish the chance to return back home because I was so nervous.but i put through and what a relief it was. Now my next step is getting out for a drink and shopping en femme. In my case a lockal t girl gathering is perfect when you start on your journey and haven’t got enough courage to venture out .


  5. Hi! I can totally relate to the attending t events losing its appeal. To me it was a neccessary stepping stone, going on cruises and home dinners with t friends, and joining a Leeds First Friday. Hanging out with other t-girls is safe, fun, educational and therapeutic. But these days I am out and about by myself and with cis friends a lot (currently in Spain!) and these days, doing a t-only event feels a bit like going into hiding again, with others instead of by myself.


  6. I went to Desert Crossroads a year ago and just missed the same this year. Being Rachel for four days all day and night was everything I expected and more. It was in Palm Springs which is very Trana friendly. It was great watching the reactions of Midwest tourists looking at group of us. There is power in numbers. I would highly recommend it if any of you have a chance to attend one.


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