Shallow Thoughts

Hi girls!
Just a quick note to let ya’ll know I am back from my work trip and regular postings will resume, at least until my next trip.

I’ve written about my anxiety before and one of the annoying things about anxiety is that a scenario can pop into my head that isn’t likely to happen or if it DOES, it’s probably not going to happen in the way I am afraid it will.  Anxiety kicks in (for me, at least) due to unlikely potential situations and although I try to be rational and tell myself that almost every single thing I obsess over never happens, it does little to ease my mind.  That being said, I had a feeling this would be a challenging trip and it was, but like almost every situation, it was challenging in different ways than I expected.  

When I travel for work it’s usually because of the final days of a project my team is working on.  We were always going to come up for short for this particular project so that wasn’t a surprise, but despite that, part of me was looking forward to the trip.  It would be an opportunity to see my team, go to a few restaurants I enjoy, and do some shopping.  But as a t-girl knows, the most carefully laid plans can go awry.  Most of my team was out with COVID so there was extra work that needed to be done because of that.  I wasn’t able to see my co-workers (who I generally like), and the additional time at work meant less time to do non-work stuff.  I wasn’t able to do as much shopping as I was hoping to do.  It’s fun to buy new lingerie to wear in my hotel room, for example.  

After five days or so of solid work, I was able to do a little shopping.  By the time I was able to enjoy a little free time, I was craaaaaabby.  I was tired, I was feeling drained.  I visited the normal places when I travel, such as book stores and of course, a little lingerie shop.  I found some really cute panties and a few other things that caught my eye but I left without purchasing anything.  See?  I told you I was crabby.

I had an early dinner or late lunch (depending on how you looked at it).  I wasn’t used to being in a different time zone so my internal clock was off.  By the time I returned to my hotel room, I had eaten, I had stepped away from the doomed work project, and my mood had stabilized so I was able to unwind.  I sat in my room and just stayed silent for a while.  I thought about last year, I thought about my co-workers, I thought about the pandemic, I thought about work.  I thought about the new year.  I’ve been learning a lot about life through the pandemic and like a lot of us, was reminded that life is short, but I also remembered that our quality of life is also limited.  I may live a long time, but being healthy enough to live my life as I’d like to is also short.  

And yes, I know not everything is about lingerie or crossdressing or gender.  But everything IS about being true to yourself and being happy.  As I sat in my room and watched the day end, I realized I should have bought the panties.  I should have treated myself to new lingerie.  Although none of us are promised a tomorrow, tomorrow is always more fun when you have new panties to look forward to.  And yes, I know this is shallow.

That’s all I have to say for now.  Life is short.  Buy the panties.  And the heels.  And the dress.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Shallow Thoughts

  1. hello it’s like could of should of deal. i would have bought the panties and dresses, just for i would regret it later that i did not buy them. for getting anxiety attacks, maybe you should relax and breath though your nose and hold a few seconds then blow out though mouth. that will culm you down. i get panic attacks now and then. i do my breathing and seems to work. but i relax a while then go on doing what i was doing. i love dressing up when i can and under dress a lot for to hide it when i go out shopping for food or see a friend. plus, to hide it from our son that still lives at home. but when he is at work my wife will tell me i can dress up. she knows i dress up but will not help with make up or see me even thou she has seen me getting dressed up and knows i have more female cloths then her and make up and even dress up more than she does. i love the feeling of nylons and bra and dress or skirt when i walk and the wind blowing. what i relaxing feeling of being a woman for a while. have a great day


  2. Hi Hanna

    You have written a sweet column

    i am a married cross dresser and my wife is quite accommodating. We spent a weekend at the beach together, most of the time with breast forms in and skinny jeans on.

    on the way home we stopped at a little shop that has great food to go and nice housewares. They had these wonderful dennin placemats. They were expensive as all get out, but i bought them anyway and laurie loves then too!

    life is short, it good to be a girl; let’s enjoy it. i sure enjoy your columns

    – lotsa love to you in 2022



  3. My ex-boss once said that men wear dress, nowadays, more than women. Sometimes it seems like that. Women have become lackadaisical when it comes to dressing up. This is why I often wonder if dressing up turns women on, as it does for many men who dress up in feminine clothing. I would love to do a survey where I ask, like 50 to 100 women, what they think about dressing in feminine clothing – do they like it, do they not really like it but feel like they have to do it, since society kind of dictates this? Does dressing in, let’s say a mini-skirt, turn them on sexually? Or do nothing for them sexually? Are they mostly dressing up sexy to impress males, or because they may be competing with another woman? So many questions…I have many reasons for dressing up and I will admit that a sexual turn on is one of them. But it is also fun and more men should do it…


    1. your x boss is right more men dress up in female cloths then real woman do. real women wear pants and a shirt, in which they call slacks and blouse, ah B.S on that its pants and shirt with a little feminine design to show its for woman. if its satin or silk. i love dressing in what they call female cloths. dress, skirt, blouse, nylons, make up, perfume, earrings, panties, and even pads, heels and all that go with being a real woman. would love to go out in public and show the world what real woman should dress like. i buy my own female stuff and wear them more then wife does and love every min of it. just wish i could go out in public dressed up, and even have wife be more supportive and help me with make up and even sit with me and talk like 2 woman


  4. “Baby I love those shoes” always gets a smile out of female with heels on when out and about. Open a door when a short hem is presented always is appreciated. To be lusted after for men is rare and fleeting. Chivalry will get you laid just not consistently.


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