Let’s Talk About Panties

The title says it all baby.

Panties, lingerie, and underdressing are all ways I can stay connected to Hannah’s life when I am in boy mode. Spending the day en femme is a wonderful and necessary reprieve and break from my male life. When life is hectic and stressful it’s fun and crucial (I know, a little dramatic but I think you get it) to have a girl day to look forward to or to look back on.

Corset from Xdress, panties and bra from Homme Mystere

But it’s not always easy to plan a girl day when our boy lives have too many commitments and obligations. I am terrible about self-care. I never take days off from my job and I work almost every single day, even weekends. I like my job and this is just how I am wired.

I may not have time (or make time) for taking breaks, but I still take care of myself in small ways. My self care is VERY different than most people, however I imagine it’s very similar to those who are reading this website.

As I mentioned, panties are a small way to stay in touch with a more beautiful part of my world. It is shallow and superficial but I think you get it. When I am going to spend the day in boy mode (which is almost every day) I pick out my clothes and it’s incredibly boring compared to choosing a dress. What makes this a LITTLE more fun is choosing my panties for the day.

I highly doubt most cis gender people give a second thought to what underwear they plan on wearing, but I bet you do.

Life feels overwhelming and depressing and harder than it should be right now. Family and work issues aren’t helping either. But I’ll get through it. What helps are the small things. A quiet night at the end of the week with my wife, coffee in the morning, falling asleep in a nightgown. These things aren’t the same things are a vacation in Paris but they do the trick.

This is PROBABLY too much information but I notice that the panties I choose for the day are, in a way, influenced by how anxious I feel. What I mean is that I am drawn to the girliest, pinkest panties the more stressed out I feel. Lately I am choosing panties with roses and ruffles and ribbons and bows and lace almost every day.

Does that make any sense? Does anyone else feel the same way?

If you REALLY want to know (and I know some of you do based on the emails I get), I am really in love with a few in particular.

First up is Xdress’ Satin Ruffle Panty. Love, love, love this panty. I have it in pink and black and wear it A LOT.

Also at the top of my panty drawer (well, one of my panty drawers) is En Femme’s Hot Satin Lace Top Panty.

I am also in love with Homme Mystere’s Ariana Brazilian Panty.

Thirdlove’s Lace Undie High Briefs are about as adorable as you can find.

In conclusion, this is about as superficial and about as too-much-informationy as you’ll find on my website, but this is what I am wearing a lot of these days.

What are YOU wearing?

Love, Hannah

11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Panties

  1. Hello Hannah, A great article, I buy all my Lingerie, Bras etc from leading UK Stores, M&S is a fabulous store for all Female attire! and other independent shops/stores etc, never from so-called “Transvestite Clothing Retailers”
    Just a fabulous feeling browsing all the Female Shops including for Make-up!
    Lynne xxx


  2. There isn’t a day go by when I’m not in a nice comfortable pair usually cotton panties
    In the past few months I’ve purchased several from Victoria’s Secret
    I love wearing these, knowing that VS is such a feminine place to shop and knowing I’m wearing panties from there the better.
    While I love lace, cotton panties are just so nice
    Being fluid I wear a bra most days as well and put on makeup too
    But yes wearing panties as I have exclusively for many years is the best of being a trans girl


  3. I haven’t owned a pair of men’s undies for over 30 years. For a while, I used white cotton panties when I went to the doc as if that were some sort of disguise. But I tired of wearing panties with no color or style, and I haven’t heard a peep out of my docs for over 20 years. I go for the styles in Hannah’s #2 and #4 photos. I love the snugness and how they help with my tuck, I have to compliment Hannah on her tucks! Of late I’m really loving panties with some lace embellishment, like Hannah’s #4 — and a matching bra gives me little chills just thinking about it.

    I’ve been retired for a while, but when I was working I always chose colorful panties. If I was going to be working in front of customers I always wore really special panties with pretty lace, as if my customers could see through my male disguise to the pretty spot. I liked having that “edge”. I think it put a little more “charge” into my presentations. Amazing what some pretty panties can do, isn’t it?


  4. I keep a small supply of Male underwear for my visits to the doctor, otherwise my underwear drawer is full of lovely panties.


  5. Thanks for the review of ruffled panties. My imagination soared at the choices selected and possibilities. Always enjoy your thoughts and sense of style..


  6. I wear panties every day and a bra most days. I find that Soma has a wonderful selection of colors and prints, and I think they are very feminine. I am a Soma spokesMAN for life.


  7. Hannah, you speak the truth sweetie. “He” demands a lot of body time so I sort of convince him to let my presence still be known by panties (boy-shorts mostly, sometimes thongs) I like or even a bodysuit. Virtually undetectable by anyone but a nice good amount of me whenever he has to have the primary control. He knows I can be real bitchy if I do not get enough time in some type of way 😉


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