Ask Hannah!

Which style of panties are best for a crossdresser to wear for comfort and feeling femme?

Anyone who wears panties will have a different perspective on this question. Ultimately what you feel is comfortable and feminine is completely up to you.

But since you asked…

In my opinion, I prefer panties that are designed for people with the same anatomy as myself. Victoria’s Secret designs panties for people without a penis, but there are many options for girls who have the same parts as I do.

Panties for boys/panties for girls tends to be… hm, a lively debate in our community. For some, “panties for boys” completely misses the point and I can absolutely see that perspective. Personally I don’t think it matters as long as they fit. I want panties that fit, I want stilettos that fit, I want dresses that fit. There’s nothing more annoying than falling out of my panties. I haaaate that.

Most panties “for girls” fit just fine as long as I am wearing my size. Of course, the style (tanga, thong, boyshort, etc.) matters as well. Panties “for girls” may require some tucking, however,

I buy a lot of panties “for boys” from XdressHomme MystereMootGlamour BoutiqueZhe, The Breast Form Store, and En Femme.

Panties by Moot

Feeling femme is different from person to person. I have a lot of pink cotton panties with feminine patterns on them. I also have satin panties with lots of ruffles. If I want to feel really femme I select panties that some would consider “sissy”. I am not drawn to the sissy lifestyle but my goodness the clothes are cute. Birch Place has a lot of really cute panties that you might like.

Again, everyone will have a different opinion on what feels femme to them. A girl doesn’t need to wear pink, lacey, panties with ruffles to be femme.

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I’m one who prefers ladies panties, your right tucking can be an issue with them and some do fit good others just so so
    But it makes me feel girly knowing my panties are made for the ladies
    And while that might not fit exactly great, nobody can see them so who cares

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  2. Myself, Victoria’s Secrets lace wide side thongs for around the house and bed time. Illusion from Mexico have a nice all day fit and comfort. Many styles to chose from.

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  3. Well for me i mostly wear thongs all didderent colors and prints. But i also like bikine panties and of course lingerie too.


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