Let’s Talk About Panties Again

The other day I wrote a very superficial post about panties and we’re going to talk about that! Have a seat.

Anyway, most of the panties I raved about are “panties for boys”. Panties designed for people that have the same anatomical attributes that I have.

I wear all sorts of panties that designed for different body parts. Some panties fit better than others, regardless of the genitalia they are designed for. Clothes should be inclusive. I like that I can find clothes that fit (in all the different ways they NEED to fit). I like that I can find bodysuits designed for people with longer torsos. I like that I can find stilettos for people with my shoe size. And so on.

In addition to the physical features of the panties I chatted about, the panties also had… hm, emotional? mental? psychological? features as well.

What I mean is the panties were very, very girly. Ruffles, bows, lace…

And sometimes a girl like me WANTS super girly panties.

Designers like the ones I discussed get that. They design panties that not only FIT someone like me, but also panties that LOOK a certain way… panties with bows and made of satin.

Because some girls like me WANT the super girly panties.

Some girls like us don’t WANT “panties for boys”. And on a certain level I get it. There are many options for super girly panties that are “for girls”. But! in my experience super-girly panties tend to be TINY. Generally they are not designed for girls with a penis. The gusset isn’t wide enough, there is very little fabric in the front… I can fall out of them at an inopportune time.

It’s kind of ironic that the girliest panties in my lingerie drawer(s) are “made for boys”.

Although I am not into the sissy lifestyle, I totally get it. I love super girly lingerie, I think wearing a frilly pink dress is so so so fun. I think sissy panties are adorable.

So, if you shop somewhere that offers styles like that, share in the comments, girl.

In conclusion, I like pink, frilly, lacey, girly, satiny, ruffley panties with lots of bows and ribbons and tiny fabric roses.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Panties Again

  1. I agree that the girly panties made for girls don’t fit well
    I too would love it if they did
    My problem with those special ones made for girls like us is price, they tend to mark up because they don’t sell as many or maybe they are taking advantage of girls like us knowing we want these cute styles
    So I stay with girls panties and have found many that fit nicely, no I can’t buy those very cute sexy ones for reasons you mention but I’m good with that


  2. I am a 72 yo crossdresser; I am semi-retired and live by myself and generally dress three or four days a week; however, I wear panties every day. I purchase my panties (an other feminine clothes) from websites, some of which are specifically for crossdressers. Some fit well and are very comfortable; some do not fit as well and are less comfortable.


  3. I went through quite a few pairs myself before I found herroom.com. They put all the basic measurements down. I found that any pair with less than a 4.25 inch rise and narrower than 2 inches in the gusset wouldn’t work. It’s a good source if you don’t know if a pair will fit. I seldom actually order from there as they tend to be pricey.
    As far as the made for a guy or made for a girl part. There clothes if you didn’t tell me I wouldn’t know. I don’t get all the fuss.
    Love you ❤️


  4. I can’t recommend Wacoal brand lingerie enough because of quality, beauty, sturdiness, and perfect consistent fit. They are value for the price and very sexy indeed. I have no commercial connection whatsoever; just giving girly advice to whoever likes panties, based on decades of searching for the best, most comfortable and pretty underwear.


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