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I am looking for a women’s hair salon for my shorter hair that is transgender friendly.

I am not sure where you live, so I am afraid I can’t recommend a specific salon.

I would suggest looking into salons that are near you that you think you would like to visit. Once you’ve identified a few, reach out to them to see if they offer services for people with short hair. If you wish, you could also simply state, “I am transgender and just want to make sure that’s not an issue for your stylists.” Easy peasy. If it’s an issue, and you’ll be able to tell depending on their reaction, then move on.

I don’t think being trans makes much of a difference in this case. Like skin, hair is hair, regardless of the person’s gender identity.

If there’s an Ulta near you, you may consider them. Many Ulta locations offer salon services including hair and makeup. I’ve never had my hair done by them, but I have had countless makeovers by them and I have always felt welcome there.

Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. ULTA is a great suggestion. I have been going to ULTA now for about 2 years. I go every six weeks and have my hair done and eyebrows waxed and tinted. I used COVID has an excuse to grow my hair out and it is now a little longer than chin length. The stylist is very sensitive to the fact that I need to switch between male mode and female mode and has suggested styles to help. I pull my hair behind my ears in male mode, it kind of looks like have a mullet. And has taught me how to style it in a feminine way. If I style it I get maimed even it male mode. It has been wonderful not to need to wear a wig anymore. And learning to style my hair has been fun.

    When I walk in the store everyone now greets my name and is so so kind. Their website even states they are transgender friendly. As a bonus, I have gotten one of their credit cards in my female name and use that for all my purchases there. I earn enough points to get my hair care products for free.

    I highly recommend ULTA.


  2. I have grown my hair out to where it is shoulder length. Although during the pandemic I didn’t get it cut for about two years so is got over halfway down my back. My pre-pandemic stylist was not in business anymore, so in search of new stylist. Went to a salon that I have been buying hair products that I like and asked to make an appointment. I made it clear that I am trans and asked if the stylist was ok with that. When the appointment came, I had pictures on my phone of my hair at various lengths and showed the length I liked best and asked her opinion. I too explained that I needed to go between male and female mode. Worked out fine.
    The salon I went to is called Par Excellance. I know that it has several stores here, not sure if it is a national chain. I have had to follow this procedure several times. Most stylists are open to working with us and seem to enjoy helping us with our journey. I go about once every other month and enjoy my time in the chair greatly. Just be open and honest and it will be fine. If a particular salon doesn’t like working with t-girls, their loss. In today’s economy, bigotry is expensive.
    Elizabeth Marie


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