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I love to have my husband wear “girly” panties, and I’m super tempted by the adorable styles at XDress! I’m curious as to what your experience is with their sizing. I would love to purchase a few, but their prices are a bit steep, and although they say they’ll take exchanges I’d hate for them not to fit my guy. We’ve had varying experiences with other brands as far as the accuracy of the size charts. Any advice you could offer would be appreciated.

I heart Xdress and they absolutely have adorable panties. Based on my experiences with them, I do find that their size charts for panties, bras, bodysuits, and camis run true to size, but their dresses run a teeny bit small.

Panties from designers like Xdress cost a little more than panties from Victoria’s Secret but that’s not a surprise when you compare a relatively small, independent business like Xdress compared to a giant corporation. Designers like Xdress are also a specialty business that cater to a niche (but sexy) consumer base. Panties for people with the body that I have and (presumably) your husband has take different things into consideration. More room in the gusset and in the front, and wider leg holes.

If you are looking for other options, you may want to check out Homme Mystere. They also have super cute panties (that are also true to size) and run about $15 to $22. However, being based in Australia means it takes forevvvvvver for the post office to deliver but they are always worth the wait.

Waist cincher from Xdress, bra, panty, garter belt from Homme Mystere

Love, Hannah

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