Dragged Up Memories: A History of Twin Cities Drag

Minnesota Monthly has an article about the history of drag in the Twin Cities. I suppose the title of this blog entry kind of gave away what today’s post is about.

Although I am not a drag queen I am fascinated by how amazing some queens look. The makeup skill, the heels, and the clothes.

Fun fact! The queen in the picture is Julia Starr. Julia used to do makeovers for MAC when there was a store/salon in Uptown (a neighborhood in Minneapolis). I had my makeup done by Julia several times and my goodness I looked AMAZING. My cheekbones and contouring have never looked better.

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Dragged Up Memories: A History of Twin Cities Drag

  1. Hi Hannah,

    And some are very talented.

    I envy how they able to move so gracefully and sexily.

    I also envy that they can make a living being a girl. What a dream come true.

    I suspect there will be some mixed responses. I am not a drag queen either but they really did inspire me at the start of my transition.



  2. Ms Hannah, I’m a transitioning woman, who loves and have followed your blog for a couple of years now. Lately, my Apple phone tell me any porn site and many trans-related sites get blocked. I tried your complete URL, but get the response: “This site cannot provide a safe connection. Can you help me? Cindy


  3. Drag is definitely in my opinion a culture in an of itself
    The ladies who do it are pretty amazing and yes I did at one time look to them wondering could I ever look so pretty
    But now I understand much better who I am and so while drag is fun to watch I know it’s not me
    I’m just your ordinary trans women


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