Love is a Red Dress

Do you remember during your teenage years when music and lyrics meant more to you than ever before?

When I was younger my mom was always listening to music, whether in the car while running errands or at home while she was doing household stuff.

But at one point a lyric jumps out at you and you… well, identify with it. You realize that music and songs are more than just trite bubblegum cliches.

Music tends to imprint itself on us at this age and stays with us for the rest of our lives. It’s a never ending moment of wonder that I can recall the lyrics to a song that I related to when I was fifteen despite not hearing it in decades but I can’t recall half of the things I did yesterday.

At any rate, I remember seeing the song title “Love is a Red Dress” by Maria McKee when I was in my late teens. Aaaand of course the word “dress” resonated with me.

Whenever I wear a red dress I think of that song but I don’t know if I ever listened to it.

As I am starting to post the pictures from my recent photo shoot I am also thinking about what I will title each set. I try to be, well, not boring. If I ever post a photoset and the title is something really dull like “Black Dress!” then you know I stared at the screen for probably an hour trying to think of something kinda sorta clever but gave up.

I decided to post photos of a cute red dress I found on Amazon today. I thought I would title this post (and I did) after the previously mentioned song title.

Out of curiosity I looked up the lyrics and goodness they’re depressing.

My heart is empty
Your eyes are dull
Once we were hungry
Now we are full

These ties that bind us
Can’t beat these chains
If love is shelter
I’m gonna walk in the rain

You were my angel
Now, you are real
So like a stranger
Colder than steel

The morning after
Know what you’ll bring
If love is a red dress
Well, hang me in rags

Away there goes the fairy tale
Lord, ain’t it a shame?
In all this comfort
I can’t take the strain

If we played even
I’d be your Queen
But someone was cheatin’
And it wasn’t me

I’ve laid on the table
You held something back
If love is Aces
Give me the Jack

Although they are sad, the words are beautiful. It’s not uncommon for sad and beautiful to hold hands with each other.

I love this dress, I love these photos, I love these heels and I hope you do too.

Love, Hannah

10 thoughts on “Love is a Red Dress

  1. Nothing beats a tall woman in a short hem dress. The heels in this photo set are the eye candy make the picture remarkable. Not familiar with the song nor the lyrics, but the mental connection to a younger time in life is one of life’s pleasurable moments.


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