Light and Breezy

My goodness yesterday’s post was long and heavy, wasn’t it?

When I have a long and introspective post like that it’s a result of writing off and on for several days, editing, rewriting, and then finally posting. Since this is done over a few days I don’t really realize just how long a post really is.

After something is posted I will usually go back and reread it with somewhat fresher eyes and see if I can find any typos (and please, if you ever see one please let me know). When I did this for yesterday’s massive tome I was surprised to see just how heavy and long it was (that sounds very sexual but I don’t mean it to be).

So, like a summer dress, let’s do something a little light and breezy today.

As a bit of a palette cleanser here are a few pictures from last month’s photo shoot the MN T-Girls did. I’ll post more when Shannonlee sends over the rest.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Light and Breezy

  1. hello Hanna wow you look absolutely lovely. i would mis take you as a female and not think twice. Figure of a female, legs like a female and face feature of a female here is a type O, massive tome, should it be massive time? I love the black dress with black heels. very pretty. how do you do it. dress up and pass 100% like a female???? question do you shave your legs and arms to make them look like female legs and arms, the face absolutely looks like a female face, you must wear a lot of cover up and foundation. love reading your post. maybe you should write a book on how to dress and look like a female and tips and tricks on make-up, how to apply them just right. i dress up but i still look like a male dressed up as a female. i shave my face clean, do my eue shadow the best i can, lip stick, no cover up or foundation, not sure how to apply, earrings, necklace, panties, with pad, nylons dress or skirt and a nice blouse and bra with boob inserts, nice heels. thanks for reading, i am sure you get tons of them. Lucinda that’s my female name


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