No Clever Title, Just a Thank You

As the year winds down (wait, IS the year winding down? It feels like it’s been plummeting towards the ground and is moments away from impact) it’s not uncommon to see Top Ten Lists of THINGS. Like the year’s best movies or what have you.

Honestly? I love these. I heart things like Spotify Wrapped, for example. Seeing which songs and musicians I listened to the most over the last year is really fun. To no one’s surprise I listened to a LOT of Taylor Swift in 2022.

Maybe next year I should keep a tally on femme things for a “Crossdressing Wrapped” like how many pairs of stockings I snagged or how many pounds of eyeliner I wore.

In the spirit of these little recaps, I wanted to thank you for reading my website. I was honored and a little overwhelmed to see that my site was included on several transgender related “Best Of” lists.

100 Best Transgender Blogs and Websites

50 Best Trans Woman Blogs and Websites

60 Best Crossdressing Blogs and Websites

Some of my t-girl heroines are on these lists and I am humbled to be included here. There are some fabulous sites that are honored here and I really hope you check out a few of them.

In all seriousness, I really, really do want to thank you. When I was younger I had NO idea there were others like me. When I did learn that yes, there were others like myself I also was under the impression that although there were others like myself, THIS seemed to be mostly a kink. For me it wasn’t. Again, I wondered if I was alone.

In the years I’ve been blogging I’ve come to find out that I’m not alone. I never was. There are so many of us where this side of us isn’t a fetish. This side of us isn’t sexual. This side of us is pure, beautiful, and sacred. And! This side of us is fun and brings us so much joy. Every comment and every subscriber reminds me that I am not alone.

Thank you. Thank you for putting up with me, lol.

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “No Clever Title, Just a Thank You

  1. hello Hanna yes i was the same way back in the early 70s, i was trying on nylons, a dress when my parents were gone and my grandparents were watching us, my grandmother was gone so i tried on the clothing. i started with a pair of tight for a school play i was hooked. back i never knew there was a lot more cross dresser out there. but we did not have the internet back then. love reading your posts. interesting to read. thanks for all you have dont this year, just hope next year will be better.


  2. Hi Hannah,

    You are correct, there are so so many good things about this side of us.

    I believe this side of us also makes us our male side better. It makes more caring and empathetic, it makes us better listeners, it makes us more patient, it makes us want to appreciate the beauty around us, it makes us want to be there to support those around us, it helps us understand why it takes women more time to get ready, it makes us more open to sharing housework with our partners and it makes us kinder.

    These traits make us better friends, parents and spouses.

    I thank you. Your visibility helps me embrace these traits.

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