Thank You, Mannequin at H&M

For my recent photoshoot with Shannonlee, I wore mostly dresses with the exception of this outfit.  I really like wearing this skirt and top combination, but I am not sure how I look in it.  I almost think my shoulders are too wide.  But that’s okay, because I feel cute in it.  🙂

I have a hard time putting together outfits around a skirt, so I am happy when I see a mannequin displaying a cute skirt and top outfit to give me inspiration.

Love, Hannah




6 thoughts on “Thank You, Mannequin at H&M

  1. You look nicely feminine in a variety of outfits, including this one. (Looks like something you could proudly wear to a Pride Day activity!) As far as your shoulders being too wide: they are exactly the right width for the distance between your arms. Anything other than that should not be worried about – all bodies have their strong and weak points.


  2. I too have trouble with skirt outfits and prefer dresses. Your outfit does go well and almost better than any other.
    Could you perhaps consider doing a few more combinations like that if you can.
    Thanks Hannah.


  3. The stripes gently bring out your female shape. And the mini and boots show off your nice legs. Pretty!

    I am also impressed with how your photographer put you in front of a sunny window but kept you clearly as the subject, taming the light magnificently. Photographers that talented are rare indeed!


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