Culture Shocks

Oh hi!

I did a little interview with Bored Panda about culture shocks that trans people experience after they transitioned.

I did make it clear that I have not and will not transition but I do experience the world in different gender presentations and have different perspectives when I am en femme or in boring mode.

There’s a few different categories, if you will, of questions along with comments of other trans people throughout the article so you might have to jump around a bit for my thoughts.

As I tend to ramble and I sometimes overshare or overthink a question it wasn’t easy to restrain myself to shorter and more concise responses but I think I did okay here, lol.

Love, Hannah

2 thoughts on “Culture Shocks

  1. Interesting comments. For those of us who are regular readers, they are familiar, but good for others to hear.

    And your perspectives are appropriate and likely very comparable to transwomen who have fully transitioned. Besides, in some sense each of us makes some transitions in life as we depart from living as strictly binary towards a more gender fluid or gender variant life. Our experiences are valid, whether these are accomodations to a non-binary life, or steps towards complete transition.


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