Trans girl, 9, makes history on National Geographic cover

636175772195489616-cover0117-subscriberI’m sure we all have seen the cover for the upcoming issue of National Geographic that features a trans girl.

From the magazine:

“The story of gender plays out all around us. More and more, celebrities are shining a spotlight on the subject. But more quietly, our children, parents, teachers, medical professionals, and officials every day confront an array of issues with gender at the center. Everywhere we looked, in the U.S. and around the globe, individuals and organizations are fighting to redefine traditional gender roles, whether it is girls in war-torn Sierra Leone rejecting the cultural norm of female genital mutilation and child marriage, men in Sweden making use of extended paternal leave after having a child, or people who reject binary, boy-girl labels and find their true identity elsewhere on a gender spectrum.

This is why we’re devoting the January issue of National Geographic magazine entirely to an exploration of gender issues — in science, social systems, and civilizations — and decided to feature the first transgender person on the cover of our magazine: nine-year-old Avery Jackson.”

What struck me about the cover and the upcoming article is how much I appreciate a respected media source such as National Geographic putting our community out front in such a public, positive and matter-of-fact way.  Being transgender is hard to explain to ourselves, let alone to someone else.  It is wonderful to read an article like this that explains what being transgender is and what it means in a clearer way than I ever could.

Love, Hannah

One thought on “Trans girl, 9, makes history on National Geographic cover

  1. National Geographic will either be as all other “Trans Stories” just another Trans story. What is constantly missing, is exactly how WE get to be Trans. A simple birth anomaly and not the Religious info, from Catholic misinformation from Paul [The Liar] McHugh. Denounced by his peers as out of date on Transgender Studies. [ Having never did any thorough studies of Transgender people ever] This should come from the various world studies from Brain studies in the Netherlands, to studies of the past thirty five years in the USA. This is what is necessary to get the message across to the Republicans and their Assumer’s, the general population.


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