Beautiful Nights

Many of us are missing the days when we could go out en femme.  Due to the virus I’ve been stuck at home and I am looking forward to the day when I can schedule a makeover and hit the mall.  Or even the gas station.

It’s important that we stay in touch with this side of ourselves.  When we are not able to dress fully, I find that underdressing is a wonderful and intimate way to be beautiful. Yes, I can dress at home, but it’s not the same.

The lockdown is giving me a lot of time to shop online.  Purchasing heels and cute dresses is giving me something to look forward to once it is safe for us to go back out.  It’s also a way we can continue to support businesses that support our community as the virus is having an economic impact on almost every company.

Since underdressing is a way to stay in touch with my femme side, I have been buying a lot of lingerie lately.  I wanted to share what I have ordered this week in case you are looking for some new lingerie to wear.

I am in love with the new picnic camisole and panty from Xdress!



I usually wear short nightgowns to bed, but I am so excited to wear this gorgeous satin nightgown from The Breast Form Store!


How beautiful is this Yumi tank, and matching Yumi panty from HommeMystere.?


And finally I added new panties from En Femme including High Sheen Satin Floral Panty and Satin Floral Hot Panty.


I miss the days when we could be beautiful, but at least I have beautiful nights to look forward to.

What’s catching your eye these days?

Love, Hannah


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Nights

  1. I love the photo frame of the floral BOY SHORTS.
    TOTALLY into ‘boy shorts’ (not really for BOYS, that is just the style of panties).
    I bought several pair of ”Vassarette” (brand by Vanity Fair Inc.) microfiber boy shorts for my wife, as well as for myself.
    The polyester micro fiber cloth is so soft and supple–TOTALLY YUMMY, and wife enjoys how the microfiber cloth is smooth and soft, and transmits a delightful caress on the …… And wife reciprocates…..(!)
    Somehow, the brand is no longer made. AND the style is no longer made.
    A search of VASSARETTE.COM now goes to Hanes brands. and the Vassarette brand has seemingly disappeared.
    In reality, you can wear the ‘boy shorts’ panties style in ‘boy mode’, with little worry of being ‘found out’. ‘CAUSE THEY LOOK LIKE BOY SHORTS!


  2. I’ve spent so much getting a home office put together, yet I’ve also spent money on new makeup and two wigs. Trust me, I’m restraining myself. I had two more in an online shopping cart earlier today. I’m good for hair, but then again, are those of us who wear wigs really ever fine with what they have.

    Oh, right! The bras and tops from Kohl’s to add to the other tops I bought recently.

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