Friday Morning Shopping

I don’t know about you, but I am bouncing back and forth between being financially responsible and… well, doing a lot of online shopping.  These days buying a cute dress helps me stay connected to my femme side (and having something to look forward to wearing).

I try to be good, but I’ll admit that the Pink Fog hits me a lot lately.

There’s no question that many businesses are adapting and likely worrying about how the pandemic will affect them.  There aren’t enough resources for girls like us, and when we find a designer or a company that caters our community and supports us, it’s important we support them.

Girls like us are always looking for businesses that are friendly to us, and if we want more businesses to welcome us, then we must support those that already do.

Many companies are offering special sales and discounts during these times, and if you are able, please support these businesses.

I have a few things on order that I am excited to get such as the Blossom lingerie collection from HommeMystere...


…the Floral Print Lace Teddy from The Breast Form Store



…and the Luxurious Leather Look Dress and the 4 Inch Sexy Pump with Padlock heels from En Femme.

What’s in your shopping cart or on your wish list?

Love, Hannah

7 thoughts on “Friday Morning Shopping

  1. Hannah, I love the faux leather dress and the floral teddy. I’ve been slipping in and out of the fog, where I fill my online cart and then realize I can’t have things shipped to my home (unsupportive wife), resulting in the cart being emptied. New dresses and tops from Venus, panties and hosiery from Hanes, and heels from Nine West have all been on my mind lately.


  2. I have also been shopping online lately. Like so many other girls I felt isolated and alone long before all this craziness. Seeing the delivery truck and getting something pretty keeps me breathing…….


  3. I have been in girl mode since this craziness started. Been going through everything in the closet. Trying a different outfit every day to see how it works for an all day wearing. Several old, out of style, too small, or damaged in some way.have found their way into the box for Goodwill. Lingerie too. When this is all over, I will have to go shopping because of all the empty space in my closet and dresser drawers.

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  4. I miss not being able to shop in stores I love to feel the material of an item and trying it on to see how it fits and looks. I don’t often shop online but shoes are a weakness and bought two par this week. When this is over I will be back in the stores


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