Lingerie for Men – Does it Matter?

It used to be that buying lingerie was always a complete shot in the dark.  I would see something cute and have no idea if it would fit or not.  But as I’ve said in the past, crossdressing takes time, money, and patience.  As time passed I became smarter about my body and took my measurements.

I began to understandthe differences between a medium for cismen and a medium for ciswomen.  I learned to buy lingerie for the size I was, not the size I thought I was (or wanted to be).  I also became smarter about checking things like the gusset to make sure it was, well, wide enough to cover my, ah, feminine flaw.

I heart lingerie so much.  It was the first femme clothing I was enthralled with all those years ago.  Even today it’s a way I can be connected to my femme side when I am in male mode.  Wearing a matching bra and panty (and garter belt and stockings!) under a suit is a wonderful way to get through a MAN DAY, if you follow. 

Lingerie can be expensive and usually can’t be tried on (or returned) so it can usually be a risk to drop money on a cute set and praying that it fits.  Luckily there are options for a girl like us.  Google “lingerie for men” and you’ll find many options from Xdress, Homme Mystere, Moot, Glamour Boutique, The Breast Form Store, and En Femme.

All of these businesses sell lingerie for girls like us.  Wider gussets, a larger selection of sizes, and bras that have pocket inserts for breast forms.  Twenty year old me would have been blown away by the options we have now.  I still am.

Some might say that lingerie designed to fit men misses the point.  And yes, I can see that and to some degree I agree.  But at the end of the day (actually, at the start of the day), I want panties that fit.  There’s nothing really more frustrating or uncomfortable than, well, falling out of your panties as you go through your day.  Most of the panties I wear are “for girls” but I have quite a bit of panties and lingerie made for girls (and boys) like us.  

Panties from Moot Lingerie. Does it matter that they are “for men”?

“Panties for men” tend to be more expensive, of course.  When I shopped at Victoria’s Secret it was so easy to add to my panty drawer(s) with their 5 panties for $30 sales.  Shopping at Xdress or any of the other designers I mentioned can be a bit of a sticker shock if you are used to shopping at the mall for panties.  Bear in mind that these designers are very much catering to a niche market, are independent businesses, and don’t have the ability to compete with Victoria’s Secret in terms of volume or price point.  I believe in supporting small businesses and I happily order (and wear) lingerie from independent designers.  Another reason I like shopping with designers who make lingerie for girls like us is that, well, it’s super cute and super femme.  The designers seem to know what I want not only in terms of practicality but also in terms of style and look.  It’s easy to find panties from Homme Mystere with bows and lace on them.  

What do you think? Do you care if you lingerie is designed for someone like us?

Love, Hannah

13 thoughts on “Lingerie for Men – Does it Matter?

  1. To be honest I prefer the panties made for cis girls
    As you say the stuff made for girls like us can be pricey and when you have 20 or 30 pair of panties that would not be practical especially for something nobody will see except me.
    Yes feeling pretty under your clothes are important but I still prefer the price point of standard ladies panties and bras


  2. No way I would buy lingerie meant for a man, even if I am AMAB. The whole allure to feminine things is that the item are meant for women.


  3. From someone who has spent thousands of dollars if not tens of thousands over the last 30 plus years; on clothes, shoes, wigs, forms, make-up, shapeware and of course lingerie, I am very impressed with Homme Mystere products. I have yet to try the other “lingerie for men” purveyors, but suspect that they produce quality products. Just because something has a VS logo, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good product for you.
    Angel Amore


  4. I agree with Rach there is something that buying panties for men seems so unfeminine. But I think it is important to find the ones that work for you and stock up.

    For me one of the most important aspects is to find panties with enough support to hide the bulge. The panties made for men seem to do just the opposite.


  5. I’ve looked at the panties made for men & they look to me like they aren’t made to make us look more lady like, besides, I like the feel & fit of girl panties, well, they are made for girls & in the end ladies, isn’t that what we are aspiring to be!


    1. Totally agree , panties designed for the female are the only ones I would purchase as we are wanting to feel female !


  6. I will purchase and wear whatever it takes to make myself look and feel the most flattering.
    Just because it says panties for men or is specifically designed for men doesn’t mean that it is drab or masculine looking. Quite to the contrary. Many of these specialty clothes are designed (at least in principle) to help enhance and achieve a more feminine appearance. They are no different then many of the other unnatural or uncomfortable and false things women have donned or adorned themselves through out history. Many things in the never ending quest for beauty and to appear sexy. These garments are designed to make women like us ,,, (men that want to present a more sexy at at least fairer image ) work with what we have that is a bit more special than the rest of the female population.
    Unfortunately it sometimes takes some investment to find the gold from the chaff. As noted that some of this stuff is indeed overpriced as well as poor quality and just plain gimmicks or actually no different than what could be found in the department stores….
    But I will use whatever I can to present and feel sexy attractive and desirable. That means.Shapewear , forms , gaffs and whatever else it takes.


  7. This is an interesting one. I have historically baulked at buying lingerie specifically for crossdressers very much along the lines that you suggest – I felt it missed the point. But you’re right – buying runs risks of things not fitting without options to return, however, apart from the odd ‘falling out’ and things being found to be a bit tight, I’ve not done badly with my purchases on average whilst some outfits ‘available’ to me have fitted like a glove. I can see how there can be a lot to be said about buying something which fits and is tailor-made. Sizes for men and sizes for women are quite some distance apart.


  8. Bras that I have purchased does the job ,and the camel toe knickers show a good shape and keep stuff sucked away.Sometime butt lifter knickers also work fine.

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