Wearing White (and flowers) After Labor Day

There are a few fashion rules that I think are absolutely silly such as not wearing white after Labor Day. I love this dress that I wore for my last photo shoot but it took place before Labor Day so if we follow this arbitrary rule I am still not breaking any fashion laws, lol.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Wearing White (and flowers) After Labor Day

  1. Hi Hannah! Never knew this rule! You look absolutely beautiful in that dress! I have one similar but it’s a skater dress. I’m getting a new dress today but it’s not white but does have flowers on it. Thank you for bringing these rules to light but I think I might break this one. Lol. Love, Sandy!

    > >


  2. Love that short hem and those long legs. Deserving of a wolf whistle. Appreciate wanting to feel pretty, and with your smile it can light up the picture


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