Review: En Femme Skirt and Bodysuit!

In addition to writing for En Femme, I also do modeling and reviews for some of their products. There’s really nothing that I love more than getting a package from them and booking a photo shoot to model a few items. I received a few different outfits from them recently and had super fun shoot featuring some of their designs. Over the next four Fridays I will be spotlighting some of their clothes.

I am a dress girl. I heart them. I love the variety of styles, fabric, patterns, everything. I love that there’s a dress for every single occasion that I can think of.

Skirts? Not so much.

I mean, I heart them too, and I have quite a few of them in my closet, but skirts intimidate me. To clarify, I am not afraid of them, but skirts need to be paired with a top, obviously. This is where I get a little less confident about planning an outfit.

I don’t feel I am very good when it comes to matching a top with a skirt. The fabrics need to be complimentary, the colors and patterns must pair well with each other, and I am never quite sure if a top should be tucked into the skirt or not.

So, no matter how much I might love a particular skirt, I go for a dress almost every single time.

A few weeks ago I opened a package from En Femme and looked at the clothes I was sent. I thought about which heels I would pair with each dress as well as what accessories I would wear. I also thought about where I could where each outfit. Some were perfect for the office, others for a night out.

And then I got to a skirt.

Specifically En Femme’s Sylvie Skirt. My first thought was a LITTLE… well, panic isn’t the right word, but my mind started to race with thoughts of wondering what to wear with it. This anxiety (and yes, I know it’s silly to feel anxiety over a cute skirt) caused me to consider skipping modeling this particular item.

Buuuut my second thought was being struck at how the skirt FELT. I loved the feel of it. It felt smooooth.

I held the skirt up and saw that it was a midi skirt, meaning that it was going to hang past my knees. I rarely, if ever, wear skirts or dresses that are this long. As much as I loved the feel of the skirt, I still wasn’t sure if I would model it. Despite my uncertainty, I knew instantly which heels I would choose if I did wear it. More on that in a bit.

Buuuut I had to try it on, of course.

And I fell in love.

Here’s why:

Look at that slit. Look at it!

How sexy is that??

I tend to avoid longer skirts and dresses because I love, love, love to show off my legs. I have loooong legs and I work hard to keep them in shape. Covering them up, even on chilly Minnesota January days, isn’t something I do.

I was completely sold on the skirt. I was absolutely going to model it, and I was absolutely going to wear it as I ran errands before my shoot.

But there was still the question of what I would pair it with. I thought about the tops and blouses in my closet but unlike the bolt of inspiration I had for the heels I planned on wearing, nothing was coming to mind.

And then I saw the Cap Sleeve Bodysuit in the package. Problem completely solved.

Here’s what I love about bodysuits. They tend to be form fitting and, like my legs, I like spotlighting my figure and curves. And! they also settle the question as to whether or not I need to tuck in the top I am wearing. Some tops and skirts combinations look better one way or the other, but honestly I hate tucking in my top. It’s a little different than tucking in a dress shirt when I am in boymode. When I tuck in a femme top it just never looks quite right on me. I think I always look a little frumpy.

What I love about En Femme’s bodysuits specifically is that they FIT me. They are wide enough for my shoulders (most “girl” bodysuits aren’t which leads to seams splitting), the sleeves (whether they are capped or extend to my wrist) are always long enough. They are also designed for longer torsos which creates a more flattering fit and there’s less… ah, strain on the snaps between my legs.

And of course, the gusset is wide enough for my anatomy.

I was thrilled (and relieved) the bodysuit and skirt complimented each other so well. When I do have to pair a top with a skirt I tend to play it safe with one item having a pattern (like the bodysuit did) and the other being a solid color (in this case, the skirt).

The morning of my shoot I put on this outfit and I loved how it looked with my shapewear (corset and breast forms). Clothes always look different when I have my foundations on. The bodysuit clung to my hips and just looked… sexy.

The skirt came next and although I could have gotten by without it, I thought a belt would look cute with it. I was right, lol.

As for the previously mentioned heels, I picked a very strappy pair. Since one of my initial thoughts was how long the skirt was, I thought wearing a very sexy pair of stilettos would pair well with a seemingly modest skirt. The high slit makes the skirt less modest than it appears, but I still wore the stilettos.

I ran a few errands before heading to the studio and honestly it was a new experience wearing a skirt with this high of a slit. When I walked (well, strutted) my leg found the slit every time. I loved it. When I stood the skirt appeared to be rather conservative but as soon as I moved….

Sitting in this skirt was also fun. I loved that I could either show off my leg or sit a little more modestly. Of course, showing off my leg was my preference.

The slit IS obviously high. I am well aware my stocking top is visible in these photos. I knew it would be… and I chose to wear to wear stockings because of that. But when I walked or sat down, it wasn’t visible (unless I wanted it be visible). For these photos I wanted to show off a little leg for ya’ll. 😉

One of the things I love about the femme side of my closet is the sheer amount of variety. There’s an outfit for every occasion I can think of. Some of my clothes are kind of… well, impractical for most situations. Yes, the five inch platform heels are gorgeous but let’s be honest, not really meant for running errands. Unless they are Sexy Errands.

But I also love the versatility of my clothes. This skirt is a perfect example of that. I can flash a little leg AND I can be modest. I heart subtle sexiness.

Love this outfit. I love every inch of it. You can add this to your wardrobe and take advantage of a one time discount of 15% off your next purchase by using the code HANNAH15 at checkout.

Thank you to En Femme for the lovely and sexy outfit.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Review: En Femme Skirt and Bodysuit!

  1. Gorgeous outfit that is modeled so well. Reading about your anxiety to wearing skirts and blouses is a dilemma we all can identify with. The commentary is most enjoyable. The slit in the skirt would get my attention every time.


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