The Alluring Power of Fishnets

I was asked to review a pair of stockings from We Love Colors recently. I love doing reviews and it’s a fun reason to arrange for a photo shoot. I spent some time picking out which stockings I wanted to review and of course, I HAD to pick fishnets. ūüôā

I don’t wear fishnet stockings that often, they are more for a special occasion or when a dress almost demands it. At first I was skeptical about what on Earth I could say about fishnets beside the fact they are irresistible and sexy. They project an alluring sexiness and confidence that is pretty much unmatched when it comes to stockings. They are not for the timid.

So what makes We Love Colors stockings so different? The pair I chose were the Wide Mesh Fishnets and my first impression was the quality. Most fishnets FEEL cheap because they are cheap. They have a tendency to snag and tear more than any other types of stockings but these felt more durable. I wasn’t afraid of them tearing when I put them on.

Fishnets demand attention, they asked to be seen. They are not subtle. The color of the stockings seemed more black, seemed darker than other fishnets I’ve worn. These stockings, like everything else We Love Colors makes, were hand-dyed and I think it makes the black of the fishnets really pop.

We Love Colors is inclusive and transfriendly and make wonderful stockings. I absolutely loved how these fishnets completed this look and I can’t wait to pair them with my new corset dress at my next photo shoot.

Thank you to We Love Colors for these sexy stockings.

Love, Hannah

The Future is Inclusive

These are the words at the top of page for Zhe, a new line of lingerie for transwomen.

Zhe was founded by designer Karyn Elizabeth and, according to their website, is a lingerie brand designed with the fit and function needs of the TGNC community. Our lingerie was designed to address the specific needs of transgender women and femme identifying people.

I was given the privilege of reviewing Zhe’s Wicked panty recently. My first impression of opening the package was saying “cute, cute, CUTE” out loud. The front of the panty is deigned to minimize our feminine flaw, but it’s not the same as a gaff. A gaff helps girls like us TUCK, this amazing panty compresses and minimizes our frontal anatomy thanks to the multi layer mesh lining. I wore them all day and never, ever had to adjust. They were comfortable and effective, if you know what I mean. ūüėČ The back is super cute with a beautiful and playful lacy pattern. I couldn’t stop checking myself out, lol.

The lingerie was, from their website, designed with a wider gusset and also include a supportive multi layered front panel. Our medical grade power mesh is soft and luxurious, while also having a high spandex content to help with smoothing and support where necessary.

Is this panty a substitute for tucking? Yes, if you find tucking uncomfortable. But since the gusset is wide than most panties I was able to tuck comfortably however I think the mesh is incredibly effective when it come to smooooothing and suppressing. Bottom line is I don’t think I need to tuck when I am wearing this.

This is a cute panty and like the best lingerie, it is sexy and practical and I am excited that Zhe exists, and I am excited to have this pair in my wardrobe.

Thank you to Zhe for being a supportive resource for girls like us, and for providing this cute panty for review.

Love, Hannah

The Swimsuit Issue

The list of clothes that I have always wanted to wear is getting as short as my skirts so yes, pretty short.

Something I’ve always wanted to wear was a swimsuit. But the issue is that, like most clothes that I want to wear, a swimsuit isn’t cut for my body. But fortunately, like a lifeguard, En Femme has come to the rescue.

En Femme has introduced a new line of swimsuits for girls like us and sent me a Sheer Illusion Swimsuit to review and to model. I’ll cut to the chase and admit that I totally heart this suit. I was worried that I would need a gaff but with the built in compression gaff I realized I didn’t need one. I also didn’t need to skip my breast forms thanks to the pockets the suit has. And! The suit is completely flattering thanks to the shirred fabric around the waist.

The suit is adorable and I felt so comfortable, confident, and cute in it. I was nervous as I could be when it came to wearing and modeling the suit but I was amazed at how much I loved this swimsuit. I SO want to hit the beach now.

I love this suit not only because of how it’s made, but it also accomplishes something that the best clothes do… it made me feel strong and sexy.

Love, Hannah

Moot Lingerie Review

Although I don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret anymore, I still have a lot of panties from them that I wear.¬† The quality is, well, fine, I suppose.¬† Although they are cute I don’t expect tooooo much out of panties that are sometimes 10 pairs for $30 or whatever.¬† When I compare them to panties and lingerie I get from say, Allure, then the difference in quality becomes more noticeable.¬† There’s also a quality difference between a $50 corset and my Glamorous Corset.¬† Before I owned my current corset I thought they were, well, overrated.¬† I didn’t see the (practical) benefit from wearing one.¬† And yes, as sexy as they are, there is a practical side to a corset.¬† But my corset from Glamorous Corset?¬† Oh my goodness.¬† Quality and sexiness.

My point is that, for the most part, you get what you pay for when it comes to lingerie (and makeup).  Although my purse would prefer I purchase a $5 pair of panties from Target, my body appreciates the panties that I spent $30 on.  Again, crossdressing takes patience, time, and money.  I feel that there is a benefit in investing in this side of me.  

When I first heard about Moot, I fell in love with their designs.¬† Moot is a newish lingerie designer for crossdressers and girls like us.¬† Their designs not only fit someone like us, but their designs are, in my opinion, what I want in my lingerie and panty drawer… what I mean is their lingerie is super cute and super feminine.¬† I loved their designs but I was taken aback by the price.¬† Moot isn’t Victoria’s Secret when it comes to price.¬†

To their credit, Moot acknowledges that.¬† They pride themselves on quality and after being sent some items to review, I have to say that they’re right.¬† Moot lingerie is super cute, and the quality is on another level.

Each item is handmade in England using materials that are ethically sourced.¬† I know this doesn’t matter to everyone but, well, it matters to me.¬† As I get older I make more of an effort to shop local, buy from independent businesses, and eat at non-chain restaurants.¬† Moot aligns with my values perfectly.¬†¬†

But the lingerie… how is it?¬† The quality is the first thing I noticed.¬† The panties I was sent to review didn’t feel or look cheap. They felt luxurious.¬† A perfect combination of lace and mesh and small details.¬† One pair (The Quentin) is sexy and comfortable (which is what I want from lingerie).¬†

The front holds my feminine flaw perfectly and the cut open detail in the back is alluring and flirty. 

My favorite pair is the Floral Brief.  This is transparent lace and the back is, well, tiny, but it fits like a dream.  Both panties are welcome additions to my lingerie drawer(s).  I suppose at this point I need a lingerie closet.

Moot isn’t cheap, and they pride themselves on not being cheap. Their pride is well deserved and the quality is truly second to none.¬† Moot is what I want to find when it comes to my lingerie… ethically sourced, handmade, feminine, comfortable, and sexy.

Thank you to Moot for providing these panties.  I heart them.

Love, Hannah

They’re Not Real, and They’re Spectacular


Okay, this is my last post about my most recent photo shoot (just in time because I have another one in a few weeks).  

This was an emotional shoot and I dipped my stiletto into new waters which was nerve-wracking and empowering and humbling all at the same time.  I was all over the map when it came to these photos but the thing that the photos, the outfits all had in common was my new shape. 
No, not that shape, but my new breast forms.  

For the past few years I wore a small pair of forms that weren’t REALLY breast forms, but more along the lines of faux-silicone pads that did a sufficient job of giving me a little shape.¬† I was satisfied with them, but I also felt they weren’t the right size and shape for my body.¬†

I felt a little un-proportionate, as if my breasts weren’t quite large enough.¬† And this is not to say I wanted ENORMOUS breasts or anything, I just wanted something that would give me a more realistic shape for my body.¬† I also wanted something that felt, looked, and moved a little more realistically.¬†¬†

Thanks to the generosity of The Breast Form Store, I finally have a pair of real breast forms that are, in a word, amazing.  I have done a few reviews for The Breast Form Store and I buy almost all of my heels and some of my lingerie from them, and I am fortunate to be on friendly terms with them. 

When I was sent some lingerie to review, I was also gifted with a new pair of breast forms.  These forms were selected based on my body type, weight, height, and measurements which was good because I wanted something that was more proportioned to my body.

When I opened the box I was struck by how large they were.¬† They are a 40B and are much more realistic and larger than I was used to.¬† When I tried them on I understood exactly why I was sent this size.¬† They were perfect.¬† There’s really no other word for them.¬† I loved how I looked in lingerie…

And I loved how I looked in a tight dress. 

I think my figure here looks pretty amazing but this figure is thanks to a corset, thigh pads, and my new forms.¬† This isn’t my body.¬† Not really.¬† But the right shape wear FEELS like my body.¬† My thigh pads move with me, my new forms move with me.¬† They move when I am going up and down stairs, they push up and give me cleavage, and they just feel like a part of me.¬†¬†

Are they cheap?  No.  But creating your look is a combination of time, patience, and money.  Of course, this is not to say that you need forms, or anything else, to crossdress, to be femme.  But if you are looking for forms, then I absolutely recommend the Platinum Seal Classic.

Very special thanks to all the girls at The Breast Form Store for my new girls.  I heart them.

Love, Hannah

Lingerie in Lilac

There are certain colors that are.. “off limits” for boys. Pink, that’s a significant one, but there are others. Like lilac. Sure men might wear a lilac dress shirt, but it’s a light purple shirt, thank you very much.

But come on, it’s lilac.

And I heart lilac.

I mean, it’s a beautiful flower and it smells lovely, but the color is so feminine.

I got to thinking about this when I was sent some beautiful lingerie from The Breast Form Store for my recent lingerie shoot.

The bra has all my favorite details, a feminine pattern around the mesh cups, a tiny bow in the middle. The bra sparkles with a touch of glitter. And! It’s a pocket bra for your forms. But with or without forms this bra is sexy and innocent.

The matching panty is super cute and while I don’t normally like boy-short type panties, I really liked this pair. It’s designed to be worn over a gaff (which is helpful when it comes to boy-shorts) but tucking is also comfortable with this panty.

And the back is lacy and seductive.

I hope you like these photos! I do realize that the color of this set is actually lavender (according to the website), I just think lilac is more femme. ūüôā

Love, Hannah

Lingerie Review!

Of course black is the color of sexiness, red is the color of romance, and nothing is more feminine than pink.

But white? White is innocence, purity, virginal.

And I love it.

I was sent some lovely lingerie from The Breast Form Store a few weeks ago that I wore for last month’s lingerie shoot. When I opened the box I was greeted with rose petals and the most beautiful, innocent white bra and panty set.

The most eye-catching part of any piece of lingerie for me is the tiny attention to details and this set has tiny little bows, delicate lace, and beautiful edging. And the panty has soft mesh on the sides! The bra has underwire and is absolutely perfect for the girls ūüôā

This has a very romantic, almost vintage look to it. It’s alluring, sexy, and beautiful.

The panty fits girls like us and is comfortable to wear all day. I know this because I wear this set a LOT.

When I had my last photo shoot, this was the bra and panty set I wore for pictures we took in a dress because I loved how my bust looked in it. The panty also covered up the gaff I wore for the dress pictures.

Love, love, love this set.

Thank you to The Breast Form Store for this beautiful lingerie.

Love, Hannah

Carmen Liu Lingerie Review

HI!¬† Some of us don’t like tucking.¬† I get it.¬† It’s not easy to do properly and if not done correctly it can hurt.

Pain and feeling uncomfortable is your body’s way of saying STOP DOING THIS.¬† If your heels hurt your feet (I mean, they probably will after a few hours, I’m talking about immediately and with every step) or if your gaff is paining you, you should¬†probably¬†wear something else.¬†¬†

I wear gaffs and I love them. They took some time getting used to and I have a few recommendations, especially a new style from The Breast Form Store (proper review coming later) but I wanted to bring to your attention a panty that I recently bought that I think those of us who don’t tuck might be interested in.¬†

I wear tight dresses, but our, ah, feminine flaw can be visible no matter how tight or loose the dress or skirt or pants are.¬† If tucking isn’t for you, I would recommend looking into the¬†White Lace Classy Thong, part of the Carmen Liu line of lingerie sold through En Femme.

This panty is not a gaff, but it does flatten and smoooooth things.  Like, really flattens and smooth things.  Like, really, REALLY flattens and smooths things.

It takes a little getting used to, and it moves comfortably with your body, and it is tight.  Of course, not everyone likes thongs so there is that as well.  The sizing chart is very true to form so make sure you know your measurements before purchasing.  

Love, Hannah


Have you ever felt like something was both inevitable and not going to happen in a million years?

Have you ever done something that felt the complete opposite than you expected?

That was this past Saturday in a nutshell.

A few weeks ago The Breast Form Store sent over a few items for me to sample and review.¬† Some new forms (more on those later but OMG), a new gaff, and some lingerie.¬† Usually when I am sent clothes to review I will have professional photos taken by my friend Shannonlee.¬† When I have done reviews for gaffs, lingerie, or a corset I have used product pictures from the designer’s website to illustrate my review.¬† But this time…¬† I couldn’t stop thinking about if I wanted to do a lingerie shoot for the review.¬† I am not sure what changed my mind from something I didn’t think, or want to happen in a million years to something I sorta kinda maybe wanted to do, but honestly I think it’s the past year that has really shaped my perspective on life.¬†¬†

A funny thing happened around my last birthday.¬† I noticed I started to think about, well, the end of my life.¬† Not to sound dramatic and I know¬†I have a lot of time left (fingers crossed), but I spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life.¬† Some of my thoughts were practical, such as making sure my wife and I were financially stable, some of it was more fun, like planning a vacation.¬† These thoughts, combined with how COVID has really impacted the world and has limited what we can and should do, I thought about life is short and things we want to do could stop being an option very suddenly.¬† Sure, I want to go on a trip and yes I want to go to the mall without a mask but it’s not smart to do either of these things right now.¬† A year and a half ago no one would have thought that life would be like this.¬† But it is, and could be for a long time.

The idea of a lingerie shoot terrified me and at the same time the fear wasn’t stopping me from thinking about it.¬† I talked to my wife about what I was thinking and we had a good conversation about everything from what I was feeling about life and time running out and fears of someone we know stumbling across the pictures (because let’s face it, if I am going to do it I am likely posting the photos) to what I wanted, and didn’t want if I did the shoot.¬† After our talk, I felt lighter.¬† I didn’t realize how crushing my feelings of life running out were impacting me.¬† Honestly?¬† I realized I was scared of getting old, getting sick, not being able to do things I wanted to do, whether it was a boudoir shoot or going for a run.¬† I know the day will come when I shouldn’t be driving (and yes I know that day is decades away) or or doing things that I take for granted.¬† I don’t want to regret things I could have done.¬† Things that I want to do but kept putting off, whether it was a lingerie shoot or visiting Italy.

So I did it.  

The shoot, not the trip.  At least not yet.

The shoot happened almost 48 hours from me writing this and I am still processing it.¬† I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was surprised at how…¬† nervous and awkward I felt.¬† I’ve done a lot of shoots over the last five years.¬† Some for fun, some for reviews, some for En Femme.¬† I’ve worn everything from wrap dresses to PVC skirts to pants so I am accustomed to being photographed in a lot of different outfits.¬† But stockings and bras?¬† Good god.¬† Lingerie is something one wears for themselves, for intimate moments, for sleeping.¬† Lingerie is personal, private, and a secret.¬† Wearing lingerie when someone other than my wife is in the room is a… well, I felt as uncomfortable and as awkward as you can imagine.¬† I felt silly.¬† Although I wasn’t expecting it to be…¬† I don’t know, erotic, I didn’t expect it to be a big deal considering my previous shoots and outfits.¬† I felt exposed and nervous.¬† Not exactly strutting out of a comfort zone.

As the shoot progressed I felt a little less nervous and self-conscious.¬† Shannonlee¬†always helps me come out of my shell a bit and she was as professional as it gets.¬† She is also my friend.¬† I can’t imagine letting anyone else photograph me for a shoot like this.

I’ll (probably) post the finished shots, but I wanted to share some pictures from that day.¬† These were taken with an iPhone (please excuse the quality) and haven’t been touched up with lighting and whatever magic Shannonlee does.¬† They are also in black and white because, well, black and white is… forgiving.¬† Let’s leave it at that.

As I write this I can honestly say I am glad I did this, even with all the nervousness and anxiety the day brought.¬† I can’t say I will ever do this again, but I think this is one less thing I will have on my list of regrets when things like this aren’t an option anymore.

Be gentle.

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Love, Hannah

Jecca Blac Makeup Review!

Of course makeup isn’t “practical” in the traditional sense.  
I don’t wear makeup because it benefits my health.  If anything it can work against healthy skin.  Mascara dries out and makes your eyelashes brittle.  Foundation can cause you to break out.  Ever get liquid eyeliner in your eye?

BUT!¬† Makeup needs to be practical.¬† It needs to WORK.¬† I wear makeup so I look and feel more feminine (not that a girl needs to or has to wear makeup to be feminine, mind you) but I feel prettier in lipstick than I do without it.¬† Makeup needs to do what it’s supposed to do.¬† Lipstick needs to stay on, concealer needs to… uh, conceal.¬†

Like many aspects of this side of us, crossdressing (in this case makeup) takes time, patience, and money.¬† I believe (for he most part) you get what you pay for and a $28 tube of lipstick is typically better than something that costs a couple of dollars.¬† There are so many things I have invested in when it comes to my look.¬† I’ve invested time to learn how to walk and strut (and climb rocks) in stilettos.¬† I’ve spent an untold amount in building my wardrobe.¬† I’ve done so much trial and error when I was learning (and still learning) makeup.¬†


Makeup is supposed to DO something.  A bronzer is designed to do something different than what a highlighter does.  Same with foundation.  Of all the techniques I’ve learned, foundation has been the most crucial.  I mean, it’s one of the first (besides a primer) things we apply when doing our face.  If your foundation is greasy it’s hard to build on top of that.  If it’s the wrong shade for our skin then our whole look will be off.  

The foundation I use is different from what you may use.¬† It’s different from what my wife uses but not because we have different skin types and skin color, my foundation primarily is used to color correct the blueish tint my face has where I shave my facial hair.¬† Therefore my foundation (and everyone else’s) must be practical.¬†¬†

When I started to learn makeup I searched for “makeup for crossdressers”.  I used this term for two reasons.  Firstly, I needed makeup for a typical male face.  My face was more rectangular, and a typical girl’s face was more heart-shaped.  Thanks to contouring you can enhance and minimize certain features of your face.  True, foundation can’t change my facial or bone structure but it can give the illusion of a rounder face.  I also wanted to find makeup that was effective in color correcting so counteract the persistent and stubborn facial hair and five 0’clock shadow.  Secondly I wanted to buy makeup from someone that didn’t think it was unusual that a guy was buying lipstick.  So, finding somewhere that catered to crossdressers was appealing.

Through trial and error I had some success but the thing I found more than anything is that most people and stores really, really don’t care who is buying what, or why they are purchasing it.  Trust me, the cashier at Walmart does not care why a guy is buying a dress.  Sure, they may briefly think about the purchase but you’ll leave their thoughts as soon as you step away from their checkout lane.  However, I found that purchasing makeup is on another level.  Makeup artists, the clerks who work at MAC (or wherever) are not only extremely brilliantly talented and knowledgeable about makeup, they are also incredibly enthusiastic and supportive.  Not only will they help you with your right shade they will also be so excited about helping you.  

When it comes to makeup what I buy is just as important as who I buy it from.

We all want to find businesses that support our community and it seems that there are more and more companies that not only support us but also target us.  I love companies like En Femme and The Breastform Store because they have designed products and clothes for girls like me, girls with a body like mine.  I also love companies that ignore the entire concept of gender.  Clothes are simply clothes, makeup is for anyone.

Because of this, finding Jecca Blac was truly a joy.

From their website:

Jecca Blac’s mission is to be a brand that represents all beauty lovers: all expressions, genders, sexualities, abilities, pronouns, shapes and sizes. As well as providing cruelty free makeup products we also help bring our beautiful community together.

Jecca Blac was kind enough to send some products to review which I used for my last photo shoot.    

Before I wore makeup, I thought it was simply lipstick, eyeliner/shadow, blush, and mascara.  The obvious things.  The easy to see things.  When my wife started to teach me I was surprised to learn about bronzer, concealer, highlighters, lip liner, and primer.  These are the less obvious things when it comes to doing your face.  This is where makeup and practicality meet.  Primer is essential!  It’s the first thing you apply before anything else.  I hate to compare it to painting a canvas or a wall or whatever, but that is essentially what it is meant for.  It will reduce your pores and will create a smooth and even base before you apply your foundation.  A primer will also help your makeup stay on longer, especially during warmer weather.  I can definitely notice a difference when I forget to use a primer as my foundation goes on so much better with it than without it.  

A primer will either work, or it won’t, simple as that.  This primer works, so yay!  But the difference between this primer and others I have used is that it feels very, very soft when applied.  As someone who has facial hair my makeup needs to work harder than it does for someone without it.  I tend to add more layers and my foundation tends to be thicker and heavier than someone without facial hair.  The Blur and Matte Primer feels very… thin, for lack of a better word, but that’s a good thing!  My face felt a little lighter than it normally felt, if it makes sense.  This primer also made my foundation easier to remove and wash off at the end of the day.

Speaking of facial hair, my technique to balance the bluish tint and to conceal the annoying and persistence of growing facial hair is typically a multi-step process.  I shave very closely when I am going to be en femme but as the day progress that five o’clock is returning.  My makeup needs to conceal that.  Many of us just layer on foundation to do that…  and it works to an extent.  This can lead to a greasier (ew) feel and it becomes really annoying to wash off at the end of the day.  Color correcting is pretty essential but what is it, exactly?  Simply put, it’s a technique where you apply a conceal or color correcting powder or liquid where your skin is darker (under your eyes or where your facial hair grows).  It’s not meant to be used all over your face, but it can be helpful when it comes to contouring.  

I am always looking for a more simplified technique when it comes to color correcting.¬† I like as few layers as possible but the layers need to WORK.¬† They need to be effective.¬† I am delighted that Jecca Blac’s Correct and Conceal Palette works effectively.¬† The palette includes a cream for concealing and a cream for color correcting.¬† I use this after my primer, and before my foundation.

The pictures below are me wearing these products and are without a filter.¬† When it comes to makeup it’s usually obvious when someone is wearing eyeliner or lipstick, but it’s not always apparent when someone is wearing a primer or a bronzer…¬† but it’s sometimes very obvious when they aren’t.¬† My makeup is working, my skin looks clean, and my coloring is even and balanced.¬† The primer in particular is working the hardest because my foundation, my eyeshadow, my lipstick is all dependent on how strong my primer is.¬† Photo shoots¬†require my makeup to be able to hold up under bright lights and since the whole point of a photo shoot is to, you know, take pictures, my makeup needs to LOOK amazing as well as do its job, so to speak.

I am happy to have more makeup that does what I need it to, and I am so happy to have found Jecca Blac.  I love finding, supporting, and promoting any business that understands our community, that makes products that a girl like us needs and wants, and looks at makeup as simply makeup, something that anyone can use, regardless of their gender.

Thank you to Jecca Blac for not only these samples but for all they do.

Jecca Blac products are available from their website as well as through En Femme.

Love, Hannah