Impossible Things

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 

Lewis Carroll

When the pandemic hit and the little things and the big things were impacted, I looked at a lot of aspects to my life. I was reminded how important it as to support small, independent businesses that were affected by the shutdown. I realized I took meeting friends for dinner for granted. And of course, I realized just how important Hannah is to me.

I mean, I AM Hannah, and obviously we should be important to ourselves, but without having the option to get a makeover and spending the day en femme I was reminded how crucial it is to be me, to be all of me.

Being alive, being who we are, is a reason to celebrate. If you have accepted and embraced your gender identity you have accomplished something incredibly significant and special.

As restrictions started to lift and it was possible (and just a little safer) to get a makeover, I reevaluated my life. Both of my lives. We only live once, and life is too short not to wear that dress.

Yesterday I had a photo shoot with my friend and photographer of five years Shannonlee. There was no reason for the shoot. It wasn’t to review a dress or a shoe, it wasn’t for En Femme, it was just for fun (not to say shoots for reviews or for En Femme aren’t fun, they are, but you know what I mean). The theme of the shoot, if you will, was to wear a few dresses I have always wanted to wear. The location was the Stone Arch Bridge, one of my favorite places in the world.

I think many of us have at least one thing about their body they wish they could change. For me, I wish I didn’t have such broad and muscular (i.e. masculine) shoulders. But I had a moment of clarity earlier this year and I decided to just wear whatever I wanted, shoulders be damned.

So I did.

Yesterday’s shoot featured several dresses that I never thought I would wear. Two of them had halter straps and one had straps about as thin as dental floss. The point is that my shoulders were as exposed as they could possibly be. A year ago I would have thought this would be impossible.

And I never felt more beautiful, confident, and powerful.

Here’s a bit of a preview of yesterday’s shoot. I hope you like them and I hope you all cast away your doubts and fears about what holds you back, in all aspects of your lives.

Love, Hannah

18 thoughts on “Impossible Things

  1. i read you emails and letters every day i see your pics, you look absolutely gorgeous, love every pic of them , you look so real female then male and pretty. you have the figure of a real woman, why not show it off i would. keep on going with your make overs and love to read your letters. wish i could get a make over


  2. Hannah,

    I read your Blog every morning and enjoy hearing your perspective on this crazy world and I must say this BLOG is the most absolutely THE BEST. All the dresses are spectacular. Best part of wearing them the feeling the sun and or breeze on the shoulders/ Absolutely wonderful feeling of being alive and experiencing another aspect of our femininity.. I indulge my self every morning by stepping out on the the front poach to check the WX feel the breeze get a glance of the my reflection in the glass door. Always a tiny thrill to see this girl glowing while in sleepwear and even looking The Girl without make up. It is glorious a sun dress is the only thing that comes close. Have fun GIRL and enjoy life to the fullest,

    Marie Anne Greene


  3. Love the pink dress and oh my goodness that checkerboard dress is oh so cute.
    You look so amazing in them all Hannah


  4. I love the pink dress but I’m biased because pink is my favorite color. Lol. I love all of your outdoor shoots because I know most of those places. You look beautiful in these pics. ❤️


  5. You look wonderful in the pink halter!

    My personal feeling is that any day of the week ending in “ay” is okay to wear pink. I just bought 4 dresses at Penny’s. One of my favorite places to shop. I hope they make it through bankruptcy. One is black with pink polka dots. One is black with blue orchids. Fridays I volunteer at a local hospital. The whole day is girl mode.

    I’m torn over which of the two to wear tomorrow. Pink polka dots are to die for but my nails are painted blue right now so it might have to be orchids. I am the most overdressed volunteer, with room to spare, in the hospital 🙂


  6. Your shoulders look to me to be within the 67% points of the bell-shaped curve – it is easy to exaggerate in our minds what we believe to be our own shortcomings. So, to miss-quote Admiral Farragut, “Damn the shoulders, full speed ahead!”


  7. Hanna. All your pictures are always amazing. Your shoulders look very nice to me. I do not think your shoulders are to muscular. In my honest opinion. You rock every outfit. Just beautiful. Love, Natasha


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