High Heels and Shallow Thoughts

The internet is a wonderful, horrible tool.

On one hand I am able to buy anything from books to panties to food from my couch.

On the other hand we are connected 24/7 with everything and everyone and we are expected to be reachable all the time.

Going online is a godsend for girls like us. The magic of the internet shows us that we are not alone, that there are so many others like us. We make friends, find places to buy heels that fit, learn about the differences in wig types… the list goes on and on and on.

Getting advice from others like us is also invaluable. We have a lot of the same struggles as each other, whether it is finding the confidence to go out en femme or how to tuck. Even to this day I use the color correcting tricks that I learned so many years ago and I think of it every time I blend my foundation.

The “hive mind” is also important. I like that a girl like us can ask a question about ANYTHING, whether it is about applying false eyelashes or coming out and there are always other t-girls and crossdressers happy to help. We come together and offer our opinions, thoughts, and perspectives in a desire to guide someone like ourselves. We’ve all benefited from the experience of others.

I know I have. Not only from the color correcting technique I use each and every time, but also from advice I’ve gotten on gender identity and coming out and going out in the real world. You are all wonderful people.

Coordinating an outfit is something I usually need help with. Sometimes I am unsure of which accessories I should pair with a dress or which blouse goes best with a skirt. Seeing photos of other t-girls has been very encouraging and educational. You are all beautiful and inspiring and have fabulous taste in clothes.

So, I thought I would ask for your help.

And yes, it’s a shallow post but what the heck, it’s the weekend.

The Breast Form Store sells amazing things such as breast forms (obviously), but they also sell thigh pads, lingerie, wigs, and shoes.

Speaking of shoes, the most amazing heel was made available on their website recently and I AM IN LOVE.

I told you this was shallow.

Look at this beauty.

It’s pink! Strappy! Platforms! AND GLITTERY.

Maybe it’s due to being immersed in BOY LIFE lately but my god, I need these heels.

The problem (and yes, I know it’s not a real problem) is I have NO idea what outfit to wear this with.

This is where I need help.

What dress is perfect for this? An equally pink glittery dress? Something else?

Let me know in the comments! Posting links to the perfect dress would be really appreciated.

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “High Heels and Shallow Thoughts

  1. A pink silk pleated mini dress. No glittery dress, let the shoes speak for themselves. As they say, “I’m girly because I’ve got to be me!”

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  2. They remind me of “Bratz” shoes! Also 60’s throwback or perhaps Disco. 😉 As such, perhaps an understated minidress or a flowy, bell sleeved top with bell-bottoms or palazzo pants.

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  3. Remember, Dorothy in the Wizzard of Oz wore red glittery shoes with a blue and white ginham jumper. These pink ones are just as versatile!

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  4. Ooh, what fun. How about an all-black, long-sleeved, high neckline top with black leggings or palazzo pants. Your black smoky eyes, and lipstick to match the shoes.

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